Management photo from Shutterstock“If it’s going to be, it’s up to me” – Robert Schuller

Your brand is up to you. You either rationalize that you don’t have time to focus on it, don’t think it matters, and don’t know where to start or you focus on it and take ownership of it.

Rationalizing is just like it sounds – “rational” “lies” that we tell ourselves to not move forward or to take the lead.  Your personal brand is just that – “yours” and “personal” so it’s up to you to take the reins.

I met Chris Brogan a couple of weeks ago at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas. He recently launched an online magazine, Owner.  He succinctly said that all of us, from employee to entrepreneur, is an owner of what they do and who they are.

Have you taken ownership of your personal brand?

Take the first steps towards ownership by answering these questions:

1. What makes you unique?
2. What five words do people use to describe you?
3. What vision do you have for you?
4. What do you think you’re really, really good at?

This week make a bold move.  Answer one of these questions and share your answers here, in the comment section, or post it on my Facebook page.

Here’s what we focused on this week. What one thing will you take action on?

Unearthing a credible, worthy personal brand takes time and effort. Sometimes though, we tend to get in our own way, often doing things that end up undermining our efforts. In an increasingly competitive world, you have to make the right choices in order to stand out. As one looking to establish a strong personal brand, you could be too focused on “being like everyone else” that you become average.

Not being unique

As mentioned before, competition is high, and you are battling with many others for the attention of the same market. Some brands have found successful ways to set themselves apart from others. Many other personal brands decide to survive through copycat techniques.

Recognizing what makes you unique is important if you are to set your personal brand apart from the rest. Figure out what it is you do that no one, or few others, can do. Do you like volunteer work? Are you organized and manage your time well? Whether it’s something that relates to your personal or professional life, it is unique to you, and is an aspect that differentiates you from others.