Strategically Play Small to Win Big


Play small to win big appears to go against all conventional wisdom.
But when you add the word “strategically” it’s an entirely new ballgame. Streamlined business provides the entrepreneur with a greatly improved outlook. A short retrospective compared to where you are headed will provide insight as to your next best steps to further developing business.


Years ago, computers filled an entire corporate office producing very little function as compared with today’s desktop computers. Further advancement in technology moved us to laptops, iPads and from large to small mobile phones. In instances where apps are used on the phone, increased time efficiencies may be found as opposed to using the desktop computer landing you bigger results.


Likewise, communication techniques among younger generations are becoming abbreviated and less time consuming. In business we used to send long formal letters to our intended clientele. The verbiage was later reduced to email. Today, in many cases, texting with abbreviation is an acceptable format.

The journey in communication continues. Entrepreneurs first learned of distributing newsletters. From there we moved to articles, blogs, postings, podcasts, tweets, instant messaging, video, pictures, and instagrams. Linking these formats on social media sites drives communication quicker and further than ever.

Strategy of usage

Desiring to further develop business and increase your clientele, it’s very wise to research what each methodology has to offer and apply the better-matched ones to your business.

Understand, it’s not only about which you prefer, but more importantly, the emphasis should be on what your desired clientele prefers. Communicating in your prospect’s preferred style is essential for establishing relationships and conveying you will be easy to work with. This is the point that firmly embeds both trust in you and your personal brand landing you larger and additional sales.

The more diverse you become in how you communicate, the more you will enjoy offers of collaboration and opportunity.

On another level, strategically playing small may also refer to remaining humble about your accomplishments. When you move ego aside, you become more adept at listening and learning from others. In turn, you are provided with a much wider perspective. As you are able to take in additional thought and convert it to better position your products and services, you will again more adeptly communicate with a wider variety of people. Likewise, strangers will find and buy from you because you have made yourself approachable.

Consider your nimble meter rating for adapting to new thought and methods for conducting business. For example, “repurpose” is a word frequently heard when speaking of converting older materials to new. “Charlie” was proud of his new service and had me take a look at his descriptive web page. While the writing was excellent, I questioned the picturing of CDs that represented the previous century. He quickly changed the image to a current graphic.

Entrepreneurship is a commitment to continued education, implementation of new thought, and calculated risk taking. It is the challenge of the unknown that makes it an exciting ride and leads you to the Smooth Sale!