RGA EMEA expands with brand design consulting practice

"Design Consulting Expansion"

RGA EMEA is branching out with the introduction of its brand design consulting practice, a move that echoes its successful runs in the US and Australia. This new venture further enriches RGA’s branding services in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, using the expertise they’ve acquired from their fruitful endeavors in other parts of the world.

It provides a strategic advantage to businesses in the EMEA region—offering specialised brand insights and consulting services designed to bolster market stance and company identity. Apart from enhancing its international presence, this also underpins RGA’s commitment to foster meaningful client relationships across the globe.

Thanks to the new service, clients in the UK and Germany now have access to cutting-edge features aimed at enhancing their customer experience. This marks RGA’s accountability to continually refine and enhance their offered services to cater to diverse regional needs.

Steering the helm of this new practice is RGA’s EMEA Chief Executive, Rebecca Bezzina, with the equally capable Vice President Executive Creative Director, Robert Northam, delivering critical strategic counsel. Their joint leadership is expected to usher in both productivity and efficiency.

RGA’s initiative is leading the charge towards crafting more interactive, digital-first brands—capitalising on the booming trend of digital consumer interactions.

Expanding RGA EMEA’s brand consulting practice

The strategy pivots around generative AI, a rapidly evolving technology that is gaining ground in the digital milieu.

Bezzina posits that brands nowadays serve as the touchpoint between customers and businesses, much like an operating system. He accentuates the need for a potent brand identity as a medium for embodying company values and fostering relationships with consumers. Additionally, he advocates that a potent brand has the ability to shape consumer perceptions and sway buying decisions considerably.

Even with the launch of the new initiative, RGA remains committed to its underlying products and services. Northam underscores the importance of constructing adaptable brand foundations and identities that can weather changes in the global scene. With this perspective, the brand retains relevance and competitiveness in an ever-mutating market. Reassuring their dedication to their existing product line, they view this new venture as an enhancement rather than a diversion.