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  • Stadium Naming Rights, Without Spending a Penny

    Nance Rosen, your name, Verizon, Twitter and Jenny Craig: all brand names with something in common. We all are – or can be – marquee names on stadiums that draw hundreds of thousands – even millions – of fans now and for decades into the future. It’s true, it’s inexpensive and it’s easy.

    How would you and I join a major telecommunications firm, a social media reference, and a weight loss chain? Consider we would also be joining some ignominiously branded locations – which made the “Worst Stadium Names” list. These include:

    Pizza Hut Park (Dallas, Texas)
    Jobing.com Arena (Phoenix, Arizona)
    Save On Foods Arena (Victoria, BC)
    Four Seasons Hotel Chain Centre For the Performing Arts (Toronto, Canada)
    EasyCredit-Stadion (Bundesliga’s FC Nuremberg)

    Admittedly, no one is proud to say, “Hey, come see me at Save On Foods Arena.” It sounds more like a downscale food pantry for the homeless than an entertainment destination. But, be honest, your personal brand and mine probably shouldn’t complain if we are drawing the crowds these places do.

    So, how do we do it?

    Write a blog. The secret is to write in as narrow a niche as possible, and “own” the virtual stadium for ideas, comments, arguments, news and feeds about that topic. It’s your field of dreams, as is Seth Godin’s, Chris Brogan’s and the Personal Branding Blog published by Dan Schawbel.

    Build it – with enough compelling content – and your audience will find you. Even the great names in your industry, along with hundreds of thousands more, will come. Maybe not all at one time for one “event,” but if you write reasonably well – and provoke enough attention, they will come. It helps if you have enough PR savvy to write an SEO’d press release on a hot subject a few times a month. Maybe nab an interview, even a podcast with a big name. Even better, if you can afford to send out your releases over the wire to media. If you don’t have the cash for your first wire, email me and I’ll help you out as my “blog-warming” gift (or “virtual stadium-warming” gift) to you.

    That is all it takes now for you to drive more traffic than John Mayer touring with another bad jazz album. I know. I just coached a first time blogger (in advertising) pen a NY Times best-selling author to do the blogger’s first ever podcast and blog post. The hardest part for the virgin blog site owner was figuring out how to hit record and save for the podcast.

    I know we all want it to be more complicated – especially those of us with successful blogs and recognized personal brands. But your personal brand launch and the beginning of drawing an audience, starts with a free account on wordpress.

    If you haven’t created a viable home for your personal brand, start now. There’s no rent to pay, no seats to fill and the popcorn is almost free if you already have a microwave.

    Now do this:

    1. Pick your topic.
    2. Get on wordpress with your first 250 word post.
    3. Send an email to the number one author in your field to interview.
    4. Learn blogtalkradio, if you want to break into podcasting on the cheap.
    5. Leave a comment with your email at NanceRosenBlog, if you want to create buzz with a wire announcing your grand opening.

    Then, get ready to play ball in the big leagues, in the comfort of your home stadium!

    Nance Rosen is the author of Speak Up! & Succeed. She speaks to business audiences around the world and is a resource for press, including print, broadcast and online journalists and bloggers covering social media and careers.

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