Everyone is about to make their New Year’s Resolutions.
They’ll want to lose weight, eat right, be happier. Most of them will fail but you WILL NOT. Accept this as a fact right now and then continue reading… I’ll wait…

You’ve accepted as a fact that you will set New Year’s Resolutions and will be successful this year? Good. As someone who cares about your personal brand (you are at PersonalBrandingBlog.com), you’re going to set some New Year’s Resolutions that you are going to keep to help build your brand. Here are your four steps to achieving in 2014…

1. Define your activities.

You want to post a blog post once per week? You want to post regularly on social media? You want to go to more in person events? Define what you want to achieve.

2. Define the value.

Why do you want to do those things above? What will they change? Will they provide benefits to you? What are those benefits? Write them down or type them up.

3. Annoy yourself with your activities.

Open your Outlook or Gmail or Whatever Calendar now. Set up a recurring meeting, once per week for each of your activities. In the description type:

If you delete this scheduled event, you are only failing yourself. Don’t give up, just get it done. You said you wanted to achieve _________. Now go and get it.

4. Don’t fail.

Falling off the wagon isn’t the same as failing. Failing to do what you set out to achieve once but starting again isn’t failure. Failure is not picking back up where you left off. Do. Not. Fail.

I hope you have an amazing and successful 2014. Best wishes from me (Nick Inglis) and from the rest of the PersonalBrandingBlog.com author team!