shutterstock_244965781Business development is dependent upon sales and both require setting goals. But goal setting by itself isn’t enough. There needs to be:

  • A consistent plan of action to be followed day in and day out
    Do you awake each day with your plan of action on your mind?
  • Flexibility to adjust for changing times or improved ideas
    Are you are bored with where you are at or do you recognize a need to learn about new technology?
  • Creative thought included in the plan
    The successful salesperson’s approach is to maintain a very full pipeline of prospective clients. Similarly, entrepreneurs will do well to continually add new ideas for marketing / branding as a prelude to building their clientele.
  • Revisit intended achievements every six months
    Maintain a record of your top achievements. Every six months sit down for a meeting whether as a solo entrepreneur or a CEO of a large company. If the latter, include your team.  Reset your yearly goal every six months to fast-track achievement. As you embrace the new ideas and have a revised plan in place, you will see a dramatic increase in progress.
  • Awake every morning envisioning your ultimate goal
    Early morning recognition of where you are headed will provide motivation and action for the remainder of the day to ultimately achieve your grandest vision.

Embrace Change

On the occasion of being bored, question why you are spending your time on something that deflates energy. This calls for change. The idea of change may provoke fear and a tough challenge. But once the shock of the need to change fades away, you are then positioned to take action.

Give thought to the projects that may be eliminated to provide a feeling as if a burden has been lifted. By exchanging one limiting project for another will once again motivate you to move forward.

Create a list of projects that excite you and then prioritize the ones to pursue first. Next, prioritize the steps to be taken and milestones to be reached to keep from drifting while maintaining focus on your new vision.

Old Acquaintances

As you make progress, on occasion think back to those you met along your initial journey. Check in with those who fondly come to mind. Their email may have changed, but most likely you can find their contact information on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Just as technology has changed, old friends and you have changed.

You just might have more in common now, and be equally confident with one another as opposed to the early days. The original connection strengthens and may bring to light ways in which to advance forward together.

Become Noticed

To truly supercharge achievement it is necessary on occasion to take a calculated risk. “Calculated risk” refers to that you are fairly unique in believing a new strategy will work out well. Many will criticize you for even trying. This is the one element that will truly distinguish your personal brand.  But using the same system described above, your commitment and firm belief of forthcoming success will usually pay off in the end, and will do so big time.

Looking back it will seem as if it were always a Smooth Sale!