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    What Are Stackable Credentials?

    Stackable credentials provide a straightforward path into a career, creating opportunities for career advancement as credentials are earned.

    Stackable credentials provide a step-by-step approach to obtaining continuing education. Students pursue an undergraduate certificate, associate degree, and ultimately a bachelor’s degree one step at a time.

    Significantly, each step holds merit in academia and the workforce, enabling students to pursue their education and career simultaneously.

    Stackable credentials provide a straightforward path into a career, …

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    Career Growth in Nursing: Why Developing Your Soft Skills Will Be Crucial

    Career growth in nursing will come by developing both hard and soft skills. Here's why this will be increasingly true in the years ahead.

    For any individual pursuing career growth in the nursing profession, there are several skill sets to learn and develop. These are typically divided into two categories; hard skills and soft skills. 

    Hard skills are teachable and measurable abilities. Soft skills, otherwise known as personality skills, refer to the social skills needed to complement hard skills …

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    4 Ways to Win at Salary Negotiation

    Everyone wants to get paid more. Often, that means learning how to win at salary negotiation.

    It pays to be savvy at salary negotiation. Depending on experience level, a job seeker who can effectively negotiate salary will make roughly $100 – $500 more weekly than their counterparts.

    Below, you’ll find four winning salary negotiation strategies …

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    6 Ways Hobbies Can Advance Your Career

    Motivation Routine

    Regardless of whether your day job is your dream career, you need something outside of work that you enjoy spending time on. Hobbies can provide you with new challenges, new friends and acquaintances, and even provide an outlet for stress reduction.

    Whether you knit, play basketball, write short stories or perform on aerial silks, your …

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    Turn a Scanty Resume into a Winning Marketing Brochure

    Most recent graduates have very limited “real world” work experience and struggle to create a resume which gets the attention of hiring managers. Those grads who were lucky enough to have had internships and who got good grades still have many gaps in their resumes. The first step to getting hired is realizing that your …

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    New Book for Your Personal Branding Enhancement

    To write The CEO Difference: How to Climb, Crawl, and Leap Your Way to the Next Level of Your Career (McGraw-Hill, Feb. 2014) I asked over one-hundred CEOs and C-suite executives these three questions:

    What causes someone to positively stand out in your eyes? What do you look for in people you promote? And, what…
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    Letter to an Unemployed Friend

    Dear friend,

    As I write these lines, I don’t know what your specific life circumstances or background are. I don’t know either how it is that you came to be unemployed, though in all likelihood it means that you are looking for your first job, that you were made redundant or that you voluntarily left …

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    Branding Has To Be Part Of A Career Success Plan

    In a less secure professional world than anyone has ever known, you need a tougher, more pragmatic approach to managing your professional life.  It’s time to stop thinking of yourself simply as a job title and an employee, because this point-of-view has you psychologically shackled to entities that can, and will, dispose of your services …

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