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    How to Create a Workplace Culture of Acceptance

    workplace culture

    This week I would like to include David Mesa’s ideas and opinions about creating a workplace culture of acceptance in my article. David Mesa, Chief Development Officer of PJ’s Coffee, an experienced leader with over 25 years at the management level has created robust company culture through building trust, acceptance and understanding with his team …

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    Take Advantage of Your Conflicts

    Growing up, I was taught to avoid conflict – girls don’t fight! Later in life, I started arguing when I saw an opportunity to win and avoided confrontation when the odds were against me. But over the years I’ve slowly changed my opinion of conflict. I saw over and over that when things got really …

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    Being in a Team is Like Being in a Band

    We are always a part of some group with a common purpose – a family, a community, or a team at work. As a flute player and as someone who appreciates beauty and excellence, I like to think of a team as a music band. It can be as small as a duo, or as …

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    Would They Like to Work With You?

    After years of working as a Software Engineer, I was ready to go back to my passion around teaching and facilitating. I applied for a “Training Specialist” position.

    Of course, before applying, I needed to re-paint my brand with fresh colors, get into new circles of professionals, position my experience from an angle that was …

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    How Can You Deal with Clashing Brands?

    Your brand is who you are. It includes your strengths, your goals for future, your experiences from the past, your assumptions about the world around you, your reactions you have to what’s going on, as well as your values and your beliefs.

    No wonder that once in a while you get to work with someone …

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    Collaborating With Others Is a Key to Success!

    During a recent consultation with a young mother,  I was asked how I would have responded to her eight year old child’s statement “mommy, Tami’s a better artist than me.”

    I told the inquisitive mother that with every question a child asks there is an opportunity to educate and prepare them for their future.  Your …

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    Collaborative ideas Produce increased results

    After many years of being in the competitive corporate sales environment, it took a long time to accept the idea of freely collaborating with others. In fact, I was very doubtful it would work. However, knowing risk and trying new ideas is at the core of entrepreneurship, it was in my best interest to consider …

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