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    Does Your College Factor Into Career Success?

    Everyone graduating college at one point or another wonders whether the school they attended will have a significant impact on their career. The answer is that in 99.9% of cases, the college you graduated from will not make you any more or less successful, nor will prevent you from achieving any goals.

    The only time …

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    School Success versus Work Success

    What did you learn at school that helped you succeed in your career? We tend to be skeptical and see school merely as a place to get a degree that would open the door for our career to begin. And then we see this big scary gap between learning and experience. I would argue that …

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    A Letter to New Graduates

    Dear new graduates,

    A graduation is not only a happy occasion but also signals a turning point in the lives of those students who have proven their competence, skill and above all determination by successfully reaching the end of their prescribed curriculum. For some, it will be the prelude of further studies at postgraduate level …

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