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    9 Actionable Steps to Crafting a LinkedIn Post For Lasting Impression

    9 Actionable Steps to Crafting a LinkedIn Post For Lasting Impression

    Are you looking to make an impression on LinkedIn? Writing an eye-catching and compelling post can be a great way to get noticed. A well-curated LinkedIn account can be just as essential to networking as your resume. But crafting a LinkedIn post that stands out and resonates with your target audience can be challenging. That’s …

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    4 Effective & Novel Tips to Boost Personal Blog Storytelling


    Personal blogs are still very much a trend in 2020. Last year, online blogs reached 500 million in total. For 2020, it’s expected that the number of people with a blog in the U.S. alone will reach almost 32 million. Many of these are personal blogs where people share their experiences and thoughts from a …

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    How Do You Know If Your Brand’s Content is Subject To Copyright Laws?

    Branding and Copyright Laws

    Having great content and images is an important tool for your personal brand to stand out with your audience. The copyright of certain content is also important for your brand to pay attention to in order to avoid any legal disputes.

    There are several ways to find out what can be used and which items …

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    The Latest Content Marketing Strategy Changes For Personal Brands

    content marketing

    In order to reach more people online your brand needs to be aware of the latest changes and updates as well as creating a focused content marketing strategy. Having the right target market with fresh and original blog posts is critical to attracting valuable subscribers and followers on social media.

    Content that converts into sales …

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    5 Tips to Speed Up Your Writing Without Compromising Quality


    All good writers know that quality is an essential component of success. Without fresh ideas, engaging content and grammatical rigor, nobody is going to want to read, share or publish your content. Good writing has unique opinions or information.

    Most bloggers and content writers also understand the merits of maximizing quantity. The more guest posts …

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    Use the Latest Content Marketing Techniques for Your Brand Next Year

    Staying up to date with your personal brand’s content strategy is an important in order to effectively reach an ever-changing audience online. The type of content that is published will either attract or turn away readers on your blog and on social media.

    There are several ways the right content can work for your brand …

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    Content Sources You Can Use Now for your Brand on Social Media

    Social Media Network SEO

    When building a personal brand online it’s important to share articles that your audience can relate to. One way to achieve this is through targeted content search. But where can you find the best topics for your target market? There are still several places you can tap into after the demise of Google Alerts a …

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    15 Ways Your Online Brand Can Win You Clients


    The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

    1. Connect With Your Client’s Senior Team on LinkedIn 

    “When …

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    The Context of Content and Your Personal Brand

    Sосiаl mеdiа iѕ such a роwerful marketing tool уеt over 70% оf ѕmаll businesses and solopreneurs ѕtrugglе with it. Oftеn, I аm looking thrоugh the social media of people starting up a business or running a business and am surprised to see how much they struggle to focus on any cohesive message – 70% оf …

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    How to Effectively Use Storytelling to Attract a Larger Brand Following

    Post Its Adults Brainstorming

    In order to establish a credible personal brand that people trust you need great content that speaks directly to them. Without this you will not be successful in your lead generation and conversion rates.

    How can your brand better connect with your community in an authentic way? A compelling brand story will make them want …

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