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    How to Highlight Leadership Experience on a Resume

    Leadership experience is a high priority for many new hires. This is especially true when employers seek to fill positions of authority.

    Those who have developed their leadership skills tend to be more motivated. They are typically better at solving problems and more effective communicators. Leaders are more passionate about their careers than those who lack any experience in leadership.

    Thus, most employers tend to make leadership experience a high priority in new hires. This is especially …

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    4 Strategies for Acing a Remote Work Interview Without Stressing About It

    Remote work interviews require specialized people skills. Time to up your game as there are more remote opportunities today than ever before.

    Have you always wanted to work remotely? Sharpen up your remote work interview skills because there are more remote opportunities today than ever before.

    Several years ago, it was the employees who sought out companies with flexible work arrangements, including working from home. Many employers were reluctant.

    Today, out of necessity, employers now realize the …

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    Why Be Concerned About Reference Checks


    Reference checking is not standard. Smaller companies typically have neither the manpower nor the funds to do thorough reference checks, which could cost hundreds of dollars. Conversely, larger companies do reference checks but at varying levels of thoroughness. Different from the typical applicant’s concerns–which have to do with performance–companies typically do background checks for security …

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    What You Need to Know About Employment Law

    Books to Read

    Employment law is important for both employers and employees. As rules and regulations put in place to protect both parties, understanding the various laws is extremely important to having a successful career.

    There are many different laws in place regulating behaviors in the workplace, payment, discrimination and time away from work. Whether you’re an employer …

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    How to Choose a Green Card for Your Job

    If you are looking to legally enter and obtain residence in the United States, one of the most popular ways to do so is by applying for an employment-based green card. Green cards are issued based on employment categories and there are strict requirements, but as long as you know what to expect and which …

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    Employed But Frightened

    David, a recent client, is not looking for help to get a job. He has one—for the past 20 years. The job started way back then as a week long gig after he graduated from college but didn’t yet know what he wanted to do. David seemed—in the eyes of his supervisor, then a vice …

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    Are You Going to Accept the Wrong Job Offer?

    Good decisions are the foundation of a successful career. One of the most important career decisions you will make (or are currently making) is what company to accept a job offer from.

    When you work for a top-rate company, you enjoy the following benefits:

    A happier career. A higher class of co-worker. More money. More…
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    Sell the Advanced Age Advantage on Interviews

    Have no fear, but faith, that your age IS an advantage!

    The news caught my attention that some companies are comfortable having four generations in the office. They finally recognize that the older group can and do willingly mentor the younger ones. Being a mentor does not necessarily bring with it a higher salary but …

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    To Be Or Not To Be ~ Decision For Advancement

    The past few years have shown waves of employees leaving corporate behind to begin their own venture of entrepreneurship. Some of the entrepreneurs with whom I have become good friends are now re-entering the workforce for a variety of reasons. Conversations are now taking place pondering the question of, “When is it a good time …

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    Career Coaches Can Transform Your Life In 3 Days

    The expression “making a living” doesn’t even make sense!  How do you make a “living” working?

    Professional career coaches set the record straight by distinguishing between living and working.

    Definitions and meanings

    Somehow, our ‘terminology” got really messed up.  There is a profound difference between making a living (how you live) and working at a …

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