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    Take Calculated Risks


    There is a saying among old cowboys out West: “One man with courage is the majority.”

    When I write about courage, intestinal fortitude, guts, and boldness to differentiate yourself, it’s not to encourage you to do stupid, risky things. I’m not looking for the daredevil mentality that causes you to rappel off the Brooklyn Bridge …

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    Your Best Gift for 2016

    Last year is history.

    It’s time to look forward.

    This is about your future.

    The Gift

    There is a gift you can give yourself that will provide you with more than any other. It’s a simple one and it’s one that you’ve had with you all along. Too many of us take it for granted. …

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    Fixed or Growth — Why Your Mindset Matters

    Creative Marketing

    What’s your mindset?

    Is it fixed?

    Is it growth?

    Why your Mindset Matters

    Everyone has a mindset. That’s a given. However, not everyone’s mindset helps them achieve, strive and accomplish all that they are capable of on a regular basis.

    I recently finished Carol S. Dweck’s book “Mindset” – which coincidentally is on Bill Gate’s …

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    How NOT Getting the Job was the Best Thing that Could have Happened

    Lessons learned

    Last week I received that dreaded phone call that comes from the same family line as the tiny envelope university rejection letter:

    Ring…. Ring…. Ring….

    Me: Stephen! How you doing? Stephen: Doing great Jun… Me: Did you get my email? I had an amazing time interviewing with Damon and Jim yesterday. Feeling real …

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