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    Here’s Why the Resume Isn’t Dead Yet

    While technology is an important part of the job search equation, it doesn’t trump thought-work, introspection and proper targeting.

    Yes, totally ignoring technology can potentially be harmful, in that disregarding its value could equate to missed opportunities. However, overshadowing the process with a hyper-focus on technology’s ability to catapult your results can be equally harmful.…

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    How to Go From Entry-Level to the Next Level

    After spending nearly two years with a company — as an intern turned full-time employee — you decide it’s time for something new. You attempt to update your resume with the skills and experience gained during your time as an intern and entry-level employee, when you realize there isn’t much to update.

    But, you might …

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    5 Tips to Land a Job You’ll Love by the New Year

    As the year comes to a close, both hiring managers’ and job seekers’ attention will begin to turn away from the hiring process and on to the holidays. And who can blame them?

    While you might be tempted to press “pause” on your job search during the holiday season, if you want to make your …

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    Work Remotely? Here’s How to Get that Promotion

    Working remotely has it perks, but it’s also easy to be forgotten. While telecommuting has become an accepted practice for all size companies, moving up when you work from home can sometimes be harder to do. After all, remote workers have to be self-promoters if they want to get ahead when they aren’t in the …

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    Does Your Office Have the Best Halloween? Prove it!

    As the leaves turn orange and pumpkin patches start popping up around neighborhoods, Glassdoor employees are thinking about one thing and one thing only: how to win the company-wide Halloween costume contest.

    The stakes are high, the competition is fierce and everyone from our CEO to our office dogs becomes a competitor. But this year, …

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    25 Best Jobs For Work-Life Balance (2015)

    Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be tough in today’s work environment, but some jobs allow for more flexibility than others. In fact, work-life balance has decreased in recent years, as employees have reported an average work-life balance satisfaction rating of 3.5 in 2009, 3.4 in 2012, and 3.2 thus far in 2015* (Ratings based …

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    Do You Know Your Employee Worth?

    We know our credit score when shopping for a new car and our buying power when purchasing a home, but when it comes to our value as employees, many of us have no clue of our worth. Sure we can get a sense of the salary different roles command, but how much someone should be …

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    4 Things Recruiters Say and How to Interpret Them

    If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with a recruiter yet, there’s no doubt you will at some point in your job search. Recruiters help organizations find top talent and, if you’re lucky, help put in you in position to land a job.

    In other words, they can be great resources during your job …

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    Avoid These 3 Resume Mistakes

    According to Dictionary.com, the definition for resume is “a summing up; summary;” and, “a brief written account of personal, educational and professional qualifications and experiences, as that prepared by an applicant for a job.”

    With this somewhat broad definition in mind, job seekers often get consumed by understanding the details of what to do when …

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    10 Job Interview Questions You Don’t Have to Answer

    During job interviews, employers want to learn everything they possibly can about the people they interview. However, sometimes their questions can cross the line and promote discriminatory hiring processes.

    There are a number of reasons job seekers should be aware of the types of questions employers can ask during a job interview. For example, in …

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