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3 Ways to Promote Your Local Business and Personal Brand Through Community Programs

Locally owned small businesses offer their communities various, undeniable benefits when compared to the large chains and super stores, as you know. Your business likely puts some of its profits right back into your community, too – you generate jobs and tend to provide better wages, and greater flexibility and working conditions that larger companies …

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David Grutman: Bartending in Aventura to the King of South Beach Nightlife

Last week I got the opportunity to chat with David Grutman, one of the founding partners of Miami Marketing Group; the company behind the top Miami nightclubs LIV, STORY, and LIV Sun Life Stadium. Over the course of this interview we will get insight into moving up the ranks of South Beach nightlife, relationship management, …

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Lessons in Personal Branding from Jeopardy!, IBM, & Watson

On Jeopardy! last week, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, the two all-time top money earners squared off in a one million dollar championship against Watson, a new IBM computer designed to respond to spoken questions.

IBM was looking for a dramatic way to enhance their brand–already riding high after defeating the world’s greatest chess players …

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Announcing the Launch of Millennial Branding, LLC

Back in 2007, I had a vision of creating a “personal branding world.” A world in which everyone would have the opportunity to stand out and achieve success through the internet. The blue logo compass with the black silhouette, that you still see on all of my websites today, was established to become your guide …