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    Integrity Trumps All

    Teamwork and Collaboration

    Nothing baffles people full of tricks and duplicities more than simple straightforward integrity.

    So if you have pledged against texting or talking on your cell phone while driving, you shouldn’t do any of these things behind the wheel either: scratch off a lottery ticket, read the Bible, eat a bowl of cereal, change your clothes, …

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    Why Integrity Matters in Success

    If I listed my companies Core Values in order of importance, this one would be number one.

    What does Integrity mean?  It means sticking to your personal and business code of conduct. It means doing the right things, even if they might cost you business.

    When we live with integrity, we’re more likely to succeed. …

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    Do You Have the Top Four Traits That Predict Job Success?

    Companies are always looking for ways to attract, engage and retain top talent but it’s not always obvious who these people are. The investment in interviewing, training and development is huge and companies lose millions of dollars every year when they hire someone who turns out to be “a know it all”, a non-contributor or …

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    How NOT To Build Trust

    It just takes a few words to destroy trust and to appear shady.

    Several years ago, I made plans on a Saturday night to do dinner and drinks with a business owner I had just hired to do a small project for my business. At dinner, he mentioned to me that he had also made …

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    Let Truth Guide You

    Whether you are buying, selling, or interviewing for a job, truth and consistency are important models to adhere to as you communicate with the other party. Otherwise unnecessary conflict will eventually arise.

    Digging deeper and deeper

    Those who choose not to be truthful and consistent, when put in the hot seat over a conflict, will …

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