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    You Should Learn to Code

    Many readers of this blog are great businesspeople.  Entrepreneurs who started from scratch and built something profitable, and successful professionals that are integral cogs in their company’s machine.

    We’re masters of social media.  Blogging.  SEO (get me some links!), paid traffic, promoting ourselves online and off.

    But I’m willing to wager big that few of …

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    What City is Best for Your Business, Your Life?

    I just finished reading Richard Florida’s “Who’s Your City?”  It’s a cool book that takes a look at the impact of where you live on your professional and social opportunities.  Florida conducted research to understand what places attract entrepreneurial minds, how they do it, and its affect on the regions these places inhabit.

    He also …

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    You Can’t Do What I Do and Neither Can I

    This week I’m sharing this space with my friend, Bryan Clark. Bryan is a professional writer, blog editor and evangelist.  He has contributed to leading news properties and blogs in tech, entrepreneurship, finance, and the digital lifestyle.  He’s had work featured at Problogger.net and Enterpreneurs-Journey.com as well as offline publications such as The Chicago Tribune …

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    How to Find SEO Low-Hanging Fruit

    Every marketer is looking for a niche, or an angle.  From the basement affiliate to the Fortune 500 CMO, we share that in common.

    With 10 years and counting as an SEO, it feels like a never-ending quest to uncover something that the competition isn’t giving the proper attention to.  Or a new niche to …

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    The Good (and Bad) of Winning an Inc 500 Award

    This year’s list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S. as ranked by Inc magazine was released this week.  Entrepreneurs everywhere are salivating over the successful men and women who’ve led their companies to a spot on this prestigious list in 2011.

    First off, congrats to those individuals and their companies.  It’s a sure sign of …

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    How to Make Online Classes Work With Your Brand

    I’ve talked about working for free and wondered about the benefits of investing your cold hard cash in your personal brand on this blog. But readers have reminded me not everyone is in position to do these things. A friend of mine recently finished his teaching degree – a degree he did entirely online, while …

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    Tron Jordheim’s Personal Branding Achievement – Becoming a Verb

    I interviewed a good friend and mentor of mine for this week’s post.  His name is Tron Jordheim, and he’s been successful in so many industries it’s hard for me to keep up.  Here’s his story.

    Tron Jordheim’s four-decade long journey as a self-made man and public speaker outlines the fundamentals of entrepreneurial success and …

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