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Picture Your Personal Branding Strategy

Christine Chopyak’s Picture Your Business Strategy: Transform Decisions with the Power of Visuals shows how you can picture your journey to personal branding success from the present to the future.

Visual thinking is one of the most important success strategies in business and personal branding today. Previous articles, like Resume Tips for Projecting a Creative …

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Lessons in Personal Branding Success from Jay Conrad Levinson

The personal sadness so many felt last week, after learning that Jay Conrad Levinson had died, emphasize that an individual’s personal brand extends far beyond their accomplishments.

Few authors and advertising/marketing professionals have achieved as much brand-building success as Jay Conrad Levinson.

Before creating his own Guerrilla Marketing brand of best-selling marketing books and educational …

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Mindfulness and Personal Branding Success

If I asked you, “Are you actively building your personal brand?” you’d probably immediately respond with an enthusiastic “Yes, of course!”

However, what would happen if I asked you, “What have you done today to build your personal brand?”

You might pause before answering. After a moment, you might respond that you’re going to “do …

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Business Fundamentals for Personal Branding Success

Personal brand building and career success require more than charisma, confidence and passion; you need to know the fundamentals of business and financial management.

Regardless whether you’re planning to continue working for others until you have saved enough to start your own business, or you want to start your own business as soon as possible, …

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Evaluate Your Personal Brand Building Progress at Midyear

With July 4th behind us, this week is the perfect time to review your progress achieving your 2013 personal brand building goals and progress.

Evaluation plays an important role in any sound branding strategy; it provides an opportunity to monitor your progress and make changes where appropriate.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as …

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Creating Thought Leadership for Personal Branding Success

The strongest personal brands are anchored by published books that establish the author’s thought leadership, or proven expertise, in their field.

Unfortunately, however, authors with subject area expertise often publish their first book too late!

The best time to write and publish a book is before you need it, while you have a secure job …

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Easy, Universal Blogging Idea for Personal Branding Success

Are you looking for an easy blog post idea that you can use over and over again to build your personal brand–regardless of your field?

Serendipity and a willingness to look for inspiration everywhere can play big dividends. Often, the best ideas for building your personal brand come from reading books outside of your field.…

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Tips for Personal Brand Building Success with SlideShare

SlideShare offers numerous opportunities for enhanced personal and corporate brand building.

SlideShare offers an efficient way for authors, individuals, and self-employed professionals to build their personal brand in a search engine and social media-optimized environment.

Authors, job hunters, and self-employed professionals can post PowerPoint presentations online, where they can attract viewers, enhance your online presence, …