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    Social Media Mistakes Candidates Make During Job Search

    Social media can both advance and hinder your career depending on how you use it. Most of the recruiters admit that they look at candidates’ social media profiles before making their decision. Therefore, you have to be careful about how you use social media and who can see your posts. You probably don’t want to …

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    Control Your Brand: Squelch Negative Press, Post Great Content!

    The dream of gathering 100,000’s customers was elusive or even unimaginable two years ago.  Now, with the plethora of social media available: Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, one can go from a complete unknown to, “voila-a celebrity”,  where people wait for your words of wisdom!  As great as the upsides of social media are, there are …

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    Beyond ‘Engagement’ in the Social Media

    A new buzzword is hovering over the social media universe. It has been repeated mantra-like so many times (and one wonders whether with or without full awareness of its far-reaching implications) that ‘engagement‘ has ceased to be a means to an end in the eyes of many and surprisingly become the ‘raison d’être’ of every …

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    The New Twitter Ostriches

    Twitter has become the preferred channel to test the mood of the person in the street, and specifically those in the all-important digital community including millennials and other key elements of the population. And every institution, brand or person who systematically fails to listen, respond, engage or interact with not just her clients but the …

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    Tout: the 15-Second Personal Branding Sensation

    Where many others have failed, 15-second video update sensation Tout seems to be succeeding. And in doing so, it is proving that social media, mobile apps and personal branding are going to walk hand in hand into the foreseeable digital horizon and that (as we have defended here) influencers hold the key for the eventual …

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    Pinterest For Personal Branding: 7 Cool and Practical Uses

    Personal Branding lovers are in luck. The hottest and quickly rising new social network Pinterest is fast proving to be a much welcome and indeed attractive addition to our personal branding repertoire. It is filled with endless possibilities yet to be explored.

    We have reasons to believe that Pinterest is more than a passing fad. …

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    The New Science Of Social Media

    Since social media became an integral part of our personal and professional lives, we have witnessed a gradual shift from a more or less spontaneous and intuitive use towards a decidedly more clinical and rational approach. This process had been anticipated by analysts and experts and was after all to be expected given the upsurge …

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    10 Accounts I Won’t Follow Back on Twitter

    Twitter has been one of the key ingredients of my personal branding mix, and interacting with relevant others and adding value with my tweets the way I have sought to distinguish myself amongst the 3 million other Tweeterers in my country and gazillions elsewhere. Being included in the list of ‘70 Tweeterers that add more …

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    Facebook Places and Your Brand

    Now that Facebook has decided to one-up Foursquare and other location-based platforms I thought it might be useful to think about what Facebook Places means for a brand. By now any social media savvy person knows the do’s and don’ts of checking in (if not, see my previous article here). There are some game changes …

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