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    5 Skills That Will Get You Hired

    Do you possess strong communication skills? Do perform well in a team setting? If so, it’s very likely you’ll be a highly sought-after candidate in 2015.

    According to a November 2014 report by NACE, leadership, the ability to work in a team, and strong communication skills are just a few of the top skills employers …

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    Use Facebook Custom Audiences to Increase Your Brand’s Sales

    Facebook advertising is a great way for personal brands to immediately start building exposure. Since the program began in 2004 there have been a lot of changes along the way. Today there are a variety of options to choose from to help target the right market.

    Many brands and businesses advertise on Facebook as a …

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    Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips

    There is no doubt that more and more consumers are turning to media devices to help them make buying decisions. According to a survey by Accenture, 13 percent of consumers surveyed indicated they plan to use social networking sites to help them with holiday shopping in 2014. More than 63 percent plan to use a …

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    Content Marketing Strategies for Personal Brands

    Having a well-planned content strategy is an important tool for your personal brand. It’s the way in which your business can establish itself as an expert in your industry both online and off. The type of content you choose for your target market and social media marketing is also important.

    There are several ways that …

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    Pre-New Year Business Planning Prep

    The New Year is right around the corner. Hopefully you’re finishing the year off strong in your business. But while you’re dealing with increased holiday busyness, it’s also a good time to begin preparing for the next year. Before you can make plans for your business next year, you need to have a sense of …

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    5 Tips for Networking with Influencers

    Connecting with influential professionals in your industry can be extremely beneficial for your career. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn about their expertise, but also you will have the chance to get yourself noticed by an influential professional in your field.

    Influencers can help you grow as a professional and do wonders …

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    Is SEO Still Worth the Effort?

    Since its inception, search engine optimization (SEO) has been the bane of many web masters’ existence. Just when you thought you had it mastered, the algorithm changed and you were back to square one. The newest Google update is no different and has had many throwing up their arms surrendering attempts to make the search …

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    Hints for a Successful Job Search

    This week, I will give you general hints that will expedite your job search process.

    1. Never underestimate the importance of networking (including face-to-face networking and social media networking):

    You should never underestimate the importance of networking, including face-to-face networking and social media networking. Many people get job offers by going to job fairs and …

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    Why Your Personal Brand Needs a Video Presence

    For years it’s been known that in order to really establish a trusted personal brand, you need to have an online presence. Websites, professional social media accounts and blogs are integral to establishing your expertise in your industry and helping you reach audiences that are impossible to engage with in person.

    Evolving consumer technology has …

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    Facebook Groups & Pages Benefit Personal Brands

    Groups on Facebook have become a hub of activity, especially for brands. When Pages were launched,  Groups remained a place for sharing information, learning, and networking on a similar topic, issue or concern. Today groups can help build your personal brand’s Fan base and create more social interactions.

    Many brands and businesses focus on their …

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