The Downside of Leadership and How to Inject Success

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18699069392_624cc6ff9aThe worst part of holding creative thought, and being ahead of the curve, is when no one understands what it is you are trying to accomplish. Soon the same people will try to talk you into giving up. Frustration takes hold with the occasional fleeting thought of quitting.

Your future depends upon you; take control of it today.

However, those who are strong willed continue to persevere. They put blinders on to those spreading negative comments about their work. The solution to this is:

Go Online to Further Spread Word

The thing is more forward thinking people may be found online. Suddenly you will be in good company. Share your general ideas and how you expect them to benefit communities. An interesting phenomenon will take place.

People will begin talking about you once again. Only this time the talk will not be negative. It will be positive. You will begin to see Re-tweets and re-postings about your work. You will soon be seen as a forefront thinker on the public stage. This is the start for building a well recognized personal brand. You may also well be on your way to building a global business.

The added benefits of online networks are:

  • Quickly qualify and match connections with those you may count on to help
  • Amazing collaborative projects will be offered
  • One of the best benefits is to awaken each day with a smile

Taking Control

Frequently others will want to dictate what you “should do”. While you may wish to accommodate others as much as possible, your future belongs in your control. It is your thought and actions that create your future.

Strategy for maintaining control includes:

  • Frequently revisiting your largest vision for living your legacy
  • Admitting where you might have gone off track and making revisions to the plan
  • Creating milestones for a more direct route of getting to where you wish to be

In the process, be more discerning about the people to whom you listen and take advice. Seek out those who are encouraging and provide complementary insights to what you believe. Lastly, partner when the opportunity arises with those few people whose work you admire and you are able to see benefit for all those involved.

Sales Tips:

  1. Determine which processes annoy you most to eliminate from future agendas.
  2. Focus on the activities you most enjoy.
  3. Leverage the activities that are most enjoyable.
  4. Take note of the people who admire your work to find synergy.
  5. Seek to find collaborative projects with those you find a mutual admiration.
  6. As the projects build, create collaborative social media activity.
  7. As your social media activity blossoms, increased interest in your work takes hold.
  8. Soon you are at the top of your game with many, many admirers.
  9. A portion of your new admirers will convert to new clients.
  10. Your new clients will refer you to those they know who are in need.

This leadership guideline will ultimately lead you to the Smooth Sale!