The Funniest Linkedin Profile I’ve Ever Read

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I’m always amazed at some of the stuff that people post on the web. If you are in the mood for a good laugh read this guy’s funny Linkedin profile. It is far and away the funniest profile I’ve ever read on any social network. Period.

While this is incredibly funny, it’s more an example of what not to do. I don’t care if this is the wealthiest guy in the world – which he is not, you are always shaping your personal brand, and everything you put online is there forever once it is indexed by a search engine.

The Funny LinkedIn Profile

Be wise, be smart

So be wise, be smart, and create your personal brand, but for now read on for a great laugh.

Some amazing excerpts from the funny linkedin profile:

“My goal is world domination of the military industrial complex, through control of documents.”

“Specialties: Exceptionally good with sarcastic, smart ass remarks.”

“Able to sit in my chair for extended periods of time without numbness or fatigue.”

“Invented the 2 hour lunch break, which has been adapted by sales slackers everywhere.”

“Completed the “Flavor of Love-Season 2″ marathon without any training whatsoever.”

“Attempted to train dealer staff until I realized most were too stupid to accept the training. Once I realized that fact, I would just take them to lunch.”

“Sat on my chair and bitched at sales reps.”

“Sometimes I make a sales call.”

“Went to lunch a lot.”

“Talked on the phone and hung out. Took credit for others accomplishments.”

Hope you enjoyed these funny linkedin profile skills. Would you hire?

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