Sales Pipeline

The sales pipeline model dictates that not everything works out as we hope. Some people can manage where they are, while others seek out a new direction. Remaining in place or moving to the next opportunity does not necessarily indicate that one path is better than the other. However, it is the attitude toward the current versus the new road that counts most.

Being content to remain miserable is the worst approach of all.

Monday, Monday

How would you describe your frame of mind on Monday morning? Do you look forward to work or do you dread another very long week? If the latter, what may you do to change that thought? Most likely if you aren’t happy when Monday arrives, it’s time to consider an alternative plan. Making the most of a new course of action will do best by mirroring the sales funnel.

Model the Sales Funnel

It’s a shock for new sales representatives to have to predict the total amount of sales they will bring in for the company beginning with their first month of employment. Sales are unpredictable due to a wide variety of circumstances. Therefore not everything in the pipeline of possibility will make it through. On average, only about 25% of opportunities flow through the funnel to become an actual sale. To remain employed, the professionals strive to maintain an overflowing sales funnel. A variety of possibility is dumped into the pipeline serving as an experiment to see which works best.

The Stay or Leave Funnel

Making a switch in a career is a big deal because it affects multiple areas of your life. So the question becomes, what may you add to your current repertoire to make staying more appealing? Sometimes one simple change will ignite enthusiasm and motivation to continue. And when you can continually add new ideas, then you will likely have a long-term career ahead.

Should you feel it’s time to change employment or try your hand at entrepreneurship, it will be wise to come to terms with the exact pieces you wish to avoid in the future. As you list these out, the next step is to write a list for what you must have in your next endeavor. View everything in-between as negotiable items.

Once you are clear on what you want, the next step is to begin filling your pipeline of possibilities. Examine each to make the determination which best fulfills the majority of your expectations. Experiment with creative ideas to be certain you do not miss something exciting. The motto, “leave no rock unturned” applies in this case.

Continue adding to the pipeline as you have investigative meetings and interviews. The education contained in the conversations will lead you to an improved path. As others see you continually working to improve circumstances, they will come to admire the strength found in your personal brand.

The proof of whether you have found a better road will be in how you greet your forthcoming Monday mornings. Should you awake early to get started in your new endeavor, you know your decision was a wise one! Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!