Tips and Field Stories to Help You Improve Sales

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The study of observation to learn what is to be avoided along with the best of what you experience will dramatically improve your outcome for the effort you put into your everyday sales effort. Opportunities arise every day to do so with you as the buyer, at networking events, and how people communicate online. Consider which and why you liked the others’ style and would choose to interact with them again.

Question vs. Assume

Assumptions lead to bad error and judgment and frequently lead to lost sales. Always lead with questions, particularly, if you do not know all of the facts, to use as a learning strategy.

A simple example is that of someone who failed to check in with me, but wrote to an entire committee that I would like to attend their evening meeting. Upon letting him know privately I had plans, he tried to bully me into dropping the commitment. I let it be known that tickets were gifted and it would be extremely rude to not show up.  In short, ask details to avoid poor assumptions.

Accessible Contact Information

Upon asking for a business card, I was provided a bookmark detailing professional work. Contact information was missing such as phone number and email. As the gentleman began to write out his email, I suddenly saw numbers being used such as 1103. Upon asking, he confirmed the numbers represented the month and day he was born. Maybe a stretch, however a television show featured a crime being solved due to the use of a birthdate as a password. Because hacking is so prevalent today, the show further advised not to use birthdate information in email, passwords, or anything else made public.


Sales Tips to Dramatically Increase Sales

1. Client perspective and goals come first

2. Work authentically and with integrity

3. Build your personal brand well to convert into all communication

4. Get to know your clientele personally and professionally

5. Always strive to build relationships whether a new or long-time client

6. Putting your clients’ needs first, sales grow in size and longevity

7. Deliver your very best customer service to include quickly fixing problems

8. Your clientele treated well becomes your salesforce in disguise

9. Commit to self-education to broaden your knowledge and reach.

10. As new ideas take hold, re-strategize where you are, what may be improved, and new services to be created

11. Perseverance is key to finding success

12. Positive thought increases positive results

13. Donate 15% of your time to community service.

14. Negotiation works best as a collaboration where everyone sees a win

15. Speak your truth and truth will follow you as you remain in integrity.

16. The two best sales tools are your smile and communicating “Thank You”

17. We only have one life to live; do so without regret

When we strip away our demeanor of self-importance we become more open to those around us. Becoming a leader with ego in the backseat gives rise to new opportunity directing us to the Smooth Sale!