When our communication reflects that our intuitive thought and beliefs are in alignment, we come across as genuine and heartfelt. Underlying all of this are our values and priorities making them the two keys to unlock future success.

Others need to see that we are looking out for everyone’s well-being including your own. Otherwise, a disconnect interrupts our progress. Balance is a necessity in all regards. It’s important to get the client’s perspective first to find a negotiated outcome. The same applies to collaborative partners and employers. But the moment we give in to every demand only to stray away from our beliefs and values, everything seemingly begins to fall apart.

Throughout the years there is no doubt that you have been told, “you should…” The question is, how did you respond? In particular, when the idea did not suit you, did you agree to it anyway? Should you consider working with someone of this type, do your best to learn if they do the same with intended clientele. The question becomes, are you willing to associate yourself with people who use strong-arm tactics on their clients?

The problem becomes should any of us give into something that is contrary to our beliefs; it won’t work. Moving forward on the wrong footing sends conflicting messages to our networks, and diminishes the stature of our individual personal brand.

Deliver advice and ask questions for enhanced understanding in all aspects. Should something seem odd to you, ask more questions and dig deep to gain reasoning for suggestions made. Before you say yes, you want to be certain there is no ‘shady’ side with the arrangement.

When you do turn down someone’s advice, provide your thought for doing so.  When we choose to learn from the experience, we fast track our success to increase the odds to our favor for the future. And if the other person becomes angry due to turning them down, then you know it wasn’t the right partner in the first place.

Your Decision

The bigger question is whether you remain true to your beliefs and style in all regards. Consider the following:

  • Do you feel as if sometimes you are a pushover for others?
  • Are you receptive to at least considering new ideas from multiple angles?
  • Are all of the decisions you make in alignment with your priorities and values?

Sometimes a pronouncement by another may sound very convincing. But, something deep down tells us not to move forward. The next time this happens to you, consider the situation from all angles and discuss with trusted friends. It may be agonizing, but once you recognize the troubling areas, a better decision will be yours. As this becomes practice, you will find yourself becoming more confident when the need arises to make difficult decisions.

The strength found in the practice of decision-making on your terms will serve to advance your career more quickly than previously thought possible. Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!