Use Being Different to Your Competitive Advantage

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Working Together

woman-1529285_640Most people are very concerned about being different or knowing the least of everyone in the room when it comes to meetings. Sales professionals use the circumstance to their competitive advantage.

Our reluctance to speak is partially due to the fact we don’t want to reveal our seemingly lower level experience. The other part is we are initially uncertain as to which direction in conversation to take. So not a word is spoken. We listen.

Change Uncertainty to Grooming the Sale

Being quiet sets the tone for serious conversation It allows for:

  • Understanding the other people in the room
  • Learning a new direction
  • Unique collaborative projects ahead

If you are one to become very quiet as you walk into a room of highly experienced people, begin viewing this as your asset. By quietly listening and carefully taking in everything that is shared, you begin to gain an improved understanding of the bigger picture.

Moment of Truth

The difficult piece for most is to admit what you do not know and to ask for clarification. Doing so builds sound relationships as those in the room recognize you are to be trusted. Being quiet sets the tone for serious conversation

  • Begin viewing your weakness today as tomorrow’s strength
  • Distinguish yourself from competitors as much as possible
  • Explain the benefits of working with you

Be Smart

Although on occasion you may feel like it, quitting is never the answer, even when you are feeling most vulnerable. Waiting the situation out to understand the ‘why you are there’ is the smarter approach. In this case, silence is golden.

Once the facts are revealed and everyone has had their say, it becomes obvious as to how you might fit into the equation. Once the realization hits, it becomes far easier to add your wisdom to the conversation. That’s the point of feeling like a team member.

The Other Story

Many people have shared their reactions to similar situations. A few people admitted to nervous nonsense talking that turned off the others in the room. Most said they departed quickly and/or declined opportunities that scared them. They instead played it safe. But, in so doing they never advanced their capabilities.

Informed and Elevated

Now that you have your answer as to why you were invited in, you may easily pinpoint where interests lie to your unique style of servicing those needs. Indirectly, this becomes the unveiling of your personal brand.

Make it Personal

You are now on the road to fully explain how and why you developed your business. Pinpoint the differences between you and your competitors with a compelling voice as to why your style is important to the delivery. Then get agreement from your prospective clientele.  This is known in sales terms as the ‘buy-in’. You will be on your way to making the sale.

Sales Tips:

  1. Give every opportunity an opportunity
  2. Listen for what is said and not being said
  3. Ask questions regarding what appears to be overlooked
  4. Between meetings research some of the topics
  5. With newfound knowledge, begin adding to the meetings
  6. Determine how your information is being received
  7. Ask to meet over coffee with those who appear to have more in common
  8. Volunteer to contribute once you see your niche
  9. When everyone works as a team, the outcome vastly improves
  10. Be seen as an active and valued member of the group Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!