Career Barriers and How to Fix Them

shutterstock_251130598Finding acceptable ways to get around gatekeepers is a hot topic for both salespeople and entrepreneurs. Saddled with the need to continually contact new prospective clients only to not be able to get through is highly frustrating. It takes time away from meeting with clients and implementing sales.

Even with diplomacy, the common experience is having both email and phone calls ignored. The question has become, have the phone and email become old school?

The desire is to find a direct route for getting through to decision makers on the initial contact. Time efficiency is always a necessity.

Creativity turns prospecting into opportunity and new clients.

Social Media is Quick and Effective

The initial contact is to be short, friendly and respectful. This may easily be accomplished with usage of the social media platforms.


This platform is the most efficient method for prospecting. Seek out those tweets that have you pause to take the message in. When you see this type of message, let the person know you enjoyed it and state why that is so.

Scan down your home page to find:

  • Beautiful pictures
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Helpful insights

Visit that person’s profile page to read further tweets. Gain a better idea if you have something in common and whether there is potential to work together. Consider following that person.  Search for the same person’s profile on LinkedIn.


In two minutes or less you will get an abbreviated synopsis of their work history. This lends further insight as to whether you feel a synergy with the person and their work.

Ask to connect on LinkedIn. State that you first found them on Twitter. Their tweet caught your attention and motivated you to learn more on LinkedIn. Paint the picture of what you have in common and ask if they might like to exchange messaging or have a live conversation.

Twitter + LinkedIn

Using these two sites as a one-two step approach has proven to be highly successful. Even better than dialing the phone or emailing one person, by connecting online, you are are then automatically connected to them and their followings. Now possibilities begin to expand organically.

Leverage Opportunities

Returning back to Twitter, make it a habit to review the notifications received. Re-tweet the Tweets you like. This encourages reciprocity from those people to do the same for you. Now your tweets will be seen by their followers as well.

Demonstrate Professionalism

Review the two sites twice a day for messages. Responding in a timely manner gives indication of your professionalism. Just as you want speedy and concise replies, do the same for those you message.

Proceeding in this manner will place your personal brand in a very favorable light. It is almost a guarantee that by the end of the year, unexpected opportunities will become yours.

Sales Tips

  1. Experiment with ways in which to connect with people.
  2. Prior to connecting research their work history.
  3. Seek out something of interest or a similarity between the two of you.
  4. Briefly explain in your initial message what caught your attention.
  5. Ask to connect. Offer to share their updates.
  6. Ask if they would like to talk by phone or Skype.
  7. Determine if there are potential collaborative projects ahead.
  8. Listen carefully for introductions to be made.
  9. Ask if there is anything else you might contribute.
  10. Inquire if they would like to set up an official meeting.

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!