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shutterstock_283553048A public speaking class offers more to students than just the art of how to present on a stage. The most important lesson is how to speak with confidence. And the second is how to adjust the stories to a variety of platforms.

Identical to these lessons is the strategy of developing a sound personal brand that converts into a branding program. And just as public speaking engages audiences, the improved communication strategy will attract large followings.

To increase sales make it easy for others to say “Yes!”

Public Speaking Encourages Sales

The first strategy is to speak in a friendly and conversational manner. A smile on your face will enhance interest in you and your services. Instead of quickly dismissing you, prospective clients will stop to listen. Adding congeniality and interest in those listening will increase your percentage of prospects converting to clients.

This applies directly to the principle, “Make it easy for others to say “yes”.

Online Communication

Your smile is detected as you write or communicate online. And your profile picture should show a smile, too. It’s your friendly style in every respect that will earn a greater number of prospective clients and online followers.

Be the one who takes the initiative to get to know one another. Apps make it easy to arrange appointments. Or, become your own app. Make it very easy for the other person to agree to an appointment by providing a range of dates and times. Next suggest they either select one, or provide alternate times to do so. Lastly, offer to initiate the call.


During your down time, think back to past interactions. Are there areas in which you may improve your “make it easy” state of mind?

Reflect on other experiences where you were impressed by the conversation and ease of doing business. What stood out most? Consider adapting that style to your way of conducting business.

Face the Facts

Professionals need to face the fact that the phone is essential to making most appointments. Without making the initial or follow-up calls, earning the sale will be far less likely to happen.

Even some of your social media connections should turn into a live communication. These strategies and tips below will also serve to enhance your outcome.

Sales Tips

  1. Maintain a running list of those who come to mind for making daily calls
  2. State upfront that you were thinking of that person and ask for updates
  3. Provide your updates
  4. Determine if there is a need for your service or a collaborative project ahead
  5. Work out details for the next steps
  6. Reconnect with old business friends who come to mind
  7. Let your friend know your top priority and ask if they have suggestions
  8. Should you feel high energy speaking with your friend, ask to connect on a monthly basis.
  9. The monthly buddy system is working well when you feel further motivated
  10. Staying on course with your vision in mind will get you to goal more quickly

Implementing these strategies will lead you to the Smooth Sale!