Who Likes You and Where Do They Congregate?

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Articles are always suggesting to review analytics of every type. This includes the number of likes and shares of our postings. Unfortunately, unless popularity is consistent, it becomes disheartening to see low figures when it comes to “likes”.

One source rarely provides the complete picture; analyze many.

A cautionary note is to not let poor statistics on one site get you down. The reason for pursuing many sources is to get an accurate reading of “likes” and “shares” and to learn where to spend the majority of your time.

Let’s say one platform reveals only 8 people liked or shared a particular post, yet the same one was shared by 1,500 people on another site. This provides both excellent insight and the best reason to spend more time advancing the communication on the second site. You may believe this is a far-fetched comparison but it really happens.

Now that it is known where your content is appreciated, it’s time to focus on that particular audience. Comb other content for specific keywords that are similar or complementary to yours. Find the common thread among those in order to develop new relevant content for the audience to eagerly share. This becomes a motivating force to develop even more in a variety of ways.

As your audience increases along side the active sharing of your information, you become the expert on those particular topics. Endorsements and testimonials are motivated by all of the newfound activity.  This then attracts new offers of partnerships and ideas for a wider variety of services.

Your Story

Do you sometimes feel as if your effort may not be worth it, or that not enough recognition is received for all you do? You aren’t alone. It’s also possible that not all of the facts have been uncovered. While it’s good to understand the reasoning behind a lack of interest or negative comments, it’s very important to know where your fan base exists.

  • Recall and explore every venue and all off-shoots of everyday activities.
  • Research outcomes for completed projects.
  • Review online comments and shares about your work.

An accurate conclusion of where your work is best received will soon be revealed. The activity may become the springboard for expanding your offerings. The side benefit is the development of a well recognized personal brand.

The more accurately you are able to pinpoint your audience(s), the better able you are to deliver what they need, want and desire. This is the exact recipe for obtaining the sale.

Sales Tips

  1. Research where your information is most welcome.
  2. Research the problems facing your intended clientele.
  3. Inquire of your audience what questions are of greatest concern.
  4. Offer multiple possibilities to resolve issues to find which are of greater interest.
  5. Use your research to create products and services that solve those issues.
  6. Expand upon the more popular services provided.
  7. Develop complementary content to emphasize unique insights.
  8. Step up to leadership by teaching what you learn along the way.
  9. Use the additional feedback from leading to improve upon what’s in place.
  10. Celebrate your success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!