Why Visual Content Is Important For Personal Branding

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How your brand image is ‘seen’ or projected visually is important to your audience and the bottom line. A variety of appealing images and videos will not only increase engagement in your marketing, but will also create a greater awareness of your brand.

Visual content marketing is a way for your brand to present unique and valuable content to your marketplace. Eye-catching components such as video, infographics, and images which project your message in a fun and informative format will help you stand out from the crowd.

Visual content defined

More and more brands are incorporating visual marketing into their content mix for a variety of reasons, including increased leads and growth within their social media network; both of  which, ultimately leads to more clients and sales. There are several types of visual content that can be very effective:

  • Consistent Brand Logos
  • Infographics That Include Facts
  • Informational or Entertaining Videos For Brand Messages
  • Word Art
  • Cartoons and Funny Comics
  • Charts and Graphs

It has been said that ‘a picture is worth a thousands words’. Since the human brain processes images faster than text, your brand’s message can be communicated in a much more immediate way.  Remember, too, that people are scanner, not always readers.  Grab their attention with something that is unique, fun and worth sharing with others in their network.

Consistent logos and colors are essential in making your mark and standing out from the rest. You will want to make these easily recognizable on all platforms including your website and social networks.  However, you can certainly mix it up for special events and holidays.

Online benefits to visual content marketing

Building a strong online presence makes the world your oyster and creates a strong perception by your prospects about you and your business.  Yet many people are hesitant to utilize imagery including videos.

YouTube’s statistics show more than 1 billion unique users to their site each month with over 6 billion hours of video watched each month. There are 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and according to Nielsen, and YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18–34 than any other cable network.

What these stats don’t tell you is that these numbers are up a whopping 50% from last year, and marketing gurus predict that 2/3 of our content will be consumed via video by the year 2015. So why is video so great for your business?

  • Video tells a story
  • It builds trust
  • It aligns you as an expert

Visual content is very effective in telling your brand’s story, and helps connect your audience in a compelling way. Don’t be afraid in using a bit of humor in some of your images or video, and remember to create something unique that represents you in your personal brand.  Let me know how you have added visual content to your marketing tool belt.