Your Better Qualified Connections Are Key for Success

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Professional sales taught me strategic lessons for life.

The most important lesson is that above all sound relationships come first. The best outcome is to blend personal and professional relationships by becoming a friend to your prospective audience and clientele. It is seen as you striving to do your best on their behalf. While it takes a bit longer to get established in selling well, the time spent produces results beyond expectations.

Intuitively sense if there is a sign of synergy upon connecting and if moving forward will be enjoyable.

Online Strategy

Whenever you come across an interesting tweet or online posting that conveys a similar experience, take the time to briefly message the person. Invariably, this will lead into a dynamic conversation. Outcomes may include media interviews, participation in projects and introductions to people you thought might never happen.


Do you cast a wide net to network in person and online, or, are you solely relying on one method to meet folks? Time efficiency is essential and that’s why the social media platforms prove to be an excellent connection ground. Try implementing the following:

  • Respond to posts you enjoy.
  • Communicate why you enjoyed the post in order to establish a bond.
  • As synergy builds, extend an invitation to connect phone or Skype.

You may view these connections as a part of your sales pipeline. And so it would be smart to devote a little time each day to review your email and online in-boxes to see if there is a message of interest. Respond immediately before the connection literally gets lost in the cloud.


Everyone works differently. Some advocate analysis of statistics first while others perform best with trial and error. For a wider perspective to improve upon what is currently in place, try a bit of both. By implementing a variety of ways to accomplish the same, you will quickly recognize which idea and strategy work the best. It’s important to note that the answers for each of us may vary dramatically.

Reverse Direction

Every once in a while it may occur to you that someone or something was overlooked. Most likely the timing wasn’t right, but now it might be. Should this be a recurring thought, it is well worth the time to take a second look. Your more recent experience may make the original opportunity a far better fit moving forward.

Sales Tips:

  1. Scroll down the Twitter home page to see which messages catch your eye.
  2. When LinkedIn invitations arrive to connect, see whose work is of the most interest.
  3. Look at the responses on your Facebook page to see if a conversation is ready to go.
  4. Should a Pin on Pinterest be of interest, reach out to the pinner.
  5. Upon viewing a video on YouTube, let the person know.
  6. Follow-up immediately with those you meet socially.
  7. Check email for the more intriguing notices.
  8. Research industries for companies that you like.
  9. Reconnect with people from the past by asking if they would be interested in an exchange of updates.
  10. Be consistent in exchanging news with your closer friends.

These tips and suggested habits will help to develop a strong personal brand and lead you to the Smooth Sale!