Colleagues Award

You don’t need to wait until the performance evaluation day to show recognition to your employees. As an employer you can be more proactive and appreciate your employees any time.
Sure, everybody wants to be recognized with a bigger paycheck or via getting promoted but there are many other ways of appreciating your employees without spending too much money. So what can you do to show gratitude to your employees besides raising their salaries? Below you can find a few ideas for this.

  • Present a Personalized Gift: A well thought gift makes everyone’s day. Especially if this gift is something that your employees can present in their desks or walls as a result of their appreciations. Also, if this gift is personalized, it makes your employees feel more special. For example; a corporate coin, a gold medal or even a custom designed pin can be great personalized options for showing recognition to your employees. There are many websites for getting these designed and shipped in very affordable prices. You can check out for creating coins in your preferred design, for custom made pins and or for getting medals done in any shape, design and size you want.
  • Order Some Food: Make an employee appreciation day and take your employees to lunch to a place that they choose. If you want to show recognition to a lot of employees or to a team, you can also cater lunch or order pizza. Don’t forget that everybody loves food and to be treated so any kind of food even sweets like chocolate cookies or birthday cakes work. Another option is giving your employees the gift card of their favorite restaurants or coffee places so they can go anytime and eat anything they want.
  • Give Them Extra Time Off: Giving them an extra day off to let them spend it with their families, friends or loved ones is a great way to show appreciation to your employees. Extra time off is more valuable when it comes out of the regular routine and as a surprise. Moreover, everybody needs time to do something besides work such as helping a charity or doing a hobby.
  • Thank Your Employee: A personal thank you note for their hard work and contributions will also please your employees. You can also send an email to the whole office or team mentioning the employees’ names in the email or if you have companywide newsletters, you can thank your employees on the newsletter so the whole office can see your recognition.