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    If you are like me and pick up your remote to watch…I mean flip through…reality trash television to find something decent on TV, you will probably notice a SLEW of talk show hosts and other personality-driven shows. It seems like every other channel has some form of chat or strong personality.

    Some of these hosts, judges and personalities seem to blend into the crowd to make their guests larger than life. Others are Sassy, like-’em-or-hate-’em and opinionated. And finally, some just suck. Really bad.

    This of course doesn’t just pertain to TV, but any media: radio, newspaper, blogs, etc.

    Beyond the fake tans and blow-dried hair, there is a massive personal branding lesson within all of these personalities. Which one is most like you? What defines your personal brand? Do you blend in? Stick out? Make others shine? Crave the spotlight?

    There is no right or wrong answer of course, but which of the five personalities below do you resonate with?

    I present you with my own invention (drum-roll unnecessary): The Media Personality Scale

    Personal Brand #1 The Polarizer

    Characteristics: Opinionated, VERY opinionated, nothing is off limits, makes fun of others, likes to be in the spotlight, holds grudges.  Well-liked AND well-disliked (yes, that is a made up word).

    Typically talked about like this: “Did you catch what (The Polarizer) said last night? He or she is right on/the worst human ever.”

    Examples: Shock jocks, Howard Stern (remember his show on E!?), Rush Limbaugh

    Personal Brand #2: The Painfully Honest One

    Characteristics: Opinionated yet likes to make fun of oneself. Personal stories (I mean VERY personal stories) are often told. More people like than dislike unless you are on the other side of the issue. Mixes well with others…and pokes fun of everything and everyone.

    Typically talked about like this: “Can you believe what (The Painfully Honest One) just said? Hilarious! Crazy!”

    Examples: Jon Stewart, Chelsea Handler

    Personal Brand #3: The Awkwardly Funny One

    Characteristics: Everything is a joke (literally EVERYTHING), very sarcastic, always looks a little uncomfortable, very good with a specific generation of people (i.e. Gen Y or Boomers) but often confuses the other generations.

    Typically talked about like this: “Did you see (The Awkwardly Funny One) talk about (insert generational topic here such as the invention of fire)…it was pretty funny…but I don’t really get why so many people LOVE him or her.”

    Examples: Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman

    Personal Brand #4: The Everyman-woman

    Characteristics: Doesn’t really stick out. Doesn’t make a scene or do anything crazy. Often makes the guest look pretty good. Not overly handsome/attractive but fits in with a crowd.

    Typically talked about like this: “Did you see THE GUEST last night on (The Everyman-woman’s) show?”

    Examples: Carson Daly, Jimmy Kimmel

    Personal Brand #5: The Trying Too Hard One

    Characteristics: Often trying too hard to be someone else. Either funnier, more outgoing, less outgoing, or louder than they (seemingly) normally are. Often have a negative response (not always!) but always look a bit out of their comfort zone.

    Typically talked about like this: “Did you see (The Trying Too Hard One) last night? (pause) Me either.”

    Examples: Tyra, Craig Ferguson

    So there you have it. I leave you this question: Which one are you?


    David Siteman Garland is the host of The Rise To The Top on ABC and therisetothetop.com , a business talk show on steroids designed to entertain, empower and energize entrepreneurs with how-to advice and expert guests. David is also the CEO of The DSG Agency and speaks, consults, and holds workshops on building a positive reputation to sell yourself in the digital world and generate more buzz for your biz. Contact him directly at David AT DSGagency.com

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