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    3 Personal Branding Surprises Thanks to Sandy

    During the week of Superstorm Sandy, it was easy to tell whose Twitter feed had been stocked with scheduled tweets. Automated messages about free giveaways or maximizing SEO seemed so out of place in a stream of updates about lost power and dangerous water surges.

    Obviously not everyone I follow on Twitter was affected by …

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    The Key to Making Videos That Turn Into Clicks

    The New York Times had a telling article on small businesses earlier this month.  The piece was called Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of Pay-Per-Click and explained that, while Google Ad Sense was once a fantastic and affordable way of attracting web traffic, it’s become way too expensive.

    It told the story …

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    Personal Branding and Gaffes: Lessons from a Political Consultant

    As the presidential campaign wraps up I wanted to talk to a political consultant, someone who is constantly thinking about how to manage the personal brand of politicians.

    As managing director for SKDKnickerbocker, Stefan Friedman does crisis communications and brand building for corporations, non-profits, unions, and politicians. He also happens to live down the street …

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    I Need Your Help: Sharing a Personal Branding Struggle

    Personal branding reader, I could really use your help.

    It’s always easier to dole out advice to other people, but, as I’m sure you can attest, applying personal branding words of wisdom to your own big plans can be messy, soul-searching work. Seeing yourself through the eyes of a colleague or client almost needs to …

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    When They Just Aren’t That Into You

    The toughest thing about creating a personal brand is just that—it’s personal.

    So when someone doesn’t like you or how you present yourself, it hurts in a way that’s very different from representing a company or organization.

    With video or TV appearances, it’s particularly tough because you are judged not just on what you say …

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    3 Reasons Why Your Personal Brand Strategy Requires Video

    Remember when you first created a website? You needed to include a newsletter sign-up, then decided to add social elements like Facebook and Twitter…but later Pinterest and Google+ came along. It seems like there is always something NEW to explore.

    So as the summer ends and you get back into work mode, it’s time to …

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    Summer Vacation: How to Balance Personal Branding and Parenting

    So much of your personal brand relies on maintaining a consistent presence on social media, being available to clients, and staying on top of trends in your field. Combine all that with parenting, and you are probably stretched pretty thin!

    For better or worse, tech has made it easier for professionals to spend more time …

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    Hair Rules for TV and Online Video

    August is truly the cruelest month for hair. So it seems appropriate that we tackle the silly and superficial, but oddly crucial, issue of on-camera hair.

    We all know that your appearance on camera, whether it’s for TV or online video, is vital to making a good quick impression on your viewer and building your …

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    Dealing with Presentation Nerves On Stage and On Camera

    With the popularity of TedTalks and Slideshare, GoogleHangouts and Skype, presentations are everywhere. If you haven’t been doing them already, sooner or later you’ll be asked to show off what you know either onstage or on camera.

    This is a debilitating prospect for many of us. I know so many people who are great 1-on-1 …

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    Tip #9: How to Talk On-Camera

    How you talk on-camera is different from how you write. It’s also different from how you talk to your colleagues at the office. At the office, you have your own internal lingo, right? Let’s say you are a web consultant—you and your co-workers throw around acronyms like SEO, ROI, & API like crazy. You talk …

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