Brand Matchup: Barack Obama and Car Brands

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We haven’t played any games on this blog in a very long time. It could be because I’ve been so wrapped up in interviewing people and writing thought provoking posts for you. I wanted to get back to some fun and games with “Brand Matchup.”

Here is how you play

You get to choose which product brand matches up to the personal brand listed, by taking the poll below the image. In light of Obama’s presidential victory, this week, Obama is the personal brand and your mission is to match his brand to one of the car brands to the right of his picture. Think about the values, attributes, history and experience you have with both Obama and the car brands before you decide. In the comment section of this post, explain why you choose the car brand you voted for.

  • Round 1: Bill Gates and coffee brands – Starbucks wins
  • Round 2: Mark Zuckerberg and toothpaste brands – Crest/Colgate/Aquafresh tie
  • Round 3: Brad Pitt and shampoo brands – Hemp wins
  • Round 4: Larry Page and soda brands tie

Take the poll now!

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