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Seeds For Success! Persistence, Resilience and Positivity Override Failures!

Isn’t it fascinating that so many successful people failed before rebounding with tremendous success?  What can we learn from failure and it’s relationship to success? In my recent article, Hurricanes, Destruction and Rebuilding: The Only Constant is Change! I explained how to address the challenge when your brand isn’t working. I explored how people can …

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7 Content Curation Tips for Personal Branding Success

I’d like to share 7 simple content curation tips for personal branding success, based on a recently-introduced feature on one of my favorite blogs.


As I wrote Author’s Journey blog post a few weeks, content curation can be a powerful tool for personal brand building and corporate branding.

Content curation can save you time …

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Personal Branding Heroes (i): Jean-Claude Van Damme

Many men and women have successfully built strong and durable personal brands that have catapulted them to success: but few have done so with more gritty determination and ‘fighting’ (forgive the pun) so many internal and external demons as the popular Belgium-born action movie star Jean-Claude Van Varenberg, better known by his artistic name of …