Convert Routine into New Thought for Improved Results

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shutterstock_189354293Entrepreneurs are frequently advised to put segments of business on auto-pilot so they may focus on the areas that will be more likely to increase revenue. This is great advice up to a point, but then, the benefit dwindles into a loss. Today’s example is of Twitter automation.

Twitter automation

We can all agree that thinking of creative tweets to post, day in and day out, and on the spur of the moment, is not a reality for most. Feeling under pressure with projects to be delivered on time for clientele cuts into time for this type of creativity. Therefore, automated software was developed and is available to those who wish to put their Twitter activity on auto-pilot.

The idea of Twitter automation is excellent up to a point. However, there are questions to ponder about this type of usage:

1. Do you have enough tweets compiled that they won’t seem unusually repetitive?

2. How often will you review these tweets in order to keep them up to date and to include new cutting edge techniques such as hash-tags?

3. If you are on auto-pilot, will you commit to adding to your tweet compilation to display fresh content?

4. Will you analyze which tweets are re-tweeted the most in order to recognize what your audience most desires?

5. Although the majority of the effort is automated, will you still take the time to carefully qualify with whom you connect?


When you establish a complete profile on a site for the entire world to see, it’s imperative to keep the activity up to date. By keeping an account that appears to be old-school or inactive, it hurts the image people have of you and your company. They begin to assume you are not one to take seriously.

A far improved approach is to select the few sites that you enjoy most to remain active and up to date. In this way you maintain a professional profile, and the image of an active business. This does wonders to increase the positive image of your personal brand.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing precedes sales, and so it works to your favor to monitor the topics or tweets that your audience re-posts most frequently. In this way, you easily recognize the content that is most desired, and may more easily build upon the right information you already have in place. For example, create new tweets, posts, and services based upon the original content mentioned most.

The upshot of combining an auto-pilot program with remaining up-to-date is that you will attract a far wider audience. Not only will they be attracted to your expertise but they will then inquire as to services you offer. This dialogue soon converts into sales. Due to the professionalism seen, the added bonus is receipt of surprise offers of partnering on projects and events.

Following these guidelines, you will seemingly have your sales effort on auto-pilot, and that is the definition of the Smooth Sale!