Working Together

shutterstock_199821536A great company culture can help a company recruit the best candidates as well as improve productivity. Therefore, entrepreneurs and small business owners should start building their company culture from day one. However, what do you understand when you think about company culture? Office game rooms, free snacks or casual Fridays? There are much more important elements that must be in place for a strong company culture. Below you can find some of them:

  • Clear Mission and Vision: All great companies should have clear visions and missions. They should know where they are at now and where they want to be in the future. Set goals to achieve your company’s visions and clearly communicate these goals to your employees via newsletters or meetings.
  • Clear Communication: You always have to be transparent when communicating with your employees. Even if the news are bad, you should still clearly talk with your employees and explain them what is going on within the company. Create time to listen to your employees’ concerns and do your best to solve them. Keep an open channel of communication and get their feedback when necessary.
  • Autonomy and Responsibility: Promote employee empowerment in your company. Let them be accountable for the tasks they work on. Also, if you give them more responsibility, this gives them a reason to learn more and move forward in their careers. When your employees accomplish their responsibilities, take the time to appreciate them.
  • Recognize the Achievements of Employees: Always take the time to appreciate your employees. Write an email or a personal thank you note for their accomplishments and you can even give them a small gift like a gift card or tickets to a sports game. Also, recognize this success in their annual review and make a pay raise accordingly or promote them to the next level.
  • Offer Flexibility and Mobility: Work flexibility is very important especially for younger work force. Since they are very tech-savvy, they prefer to work from anywhere with an internet connection in flexible hours. Make a program for them in which they can rotate departments or different offices nationally or globally. If you force them to stay in the same environment for a long time or sit at a desk all day long, they will be unhappy and their performance will drop. Thus, let them be flexible and mobile.
  • Provide a Pleasant Work Environment: Providing a room for serenity and refreshment will help boost your employees’ morale and productivity. When your employees want to take a break, they can go to this room and relax. This room can also be used for socializing activities such as a happy hour gathering or eating lunches together.