Dan Schawbel recently wrote an absolute must read blog post entitled: Branding by Association is the Single Most Powerful Idea in Personal Branding. He explores, in depth, the idea of “branding by association”, a concept that can propel you towards your goals faster and create more opportunities along the way.

I have used the “branding by association” concept extensively and it is the easiest way to establish relationships with those who are more successful than you. And through associating with those more established and successful than you are, you can put yourself in position for some great opportunities.

What is branding by association?

Branding by association is simply the act of taking the “juice” attributed to another brand and using it to help build your brand. When you take the “juice” from another brand you inherent the perceived attributes widely accepted by the public for that brand.

Branding by association is by far the most powerful way to quickly establish a presence and network with some very influential people.

One of the best things about social networks is that they give you access to people you would not have otherwise.  You can interact with C-suite execs and other big fish high up on the corporate ladder, if you know where to find them online.

The key is finding the influencers that have the “juice”, so you can borrow some for yourself as you establish a relationship with them.

But, how do you find them easily without wasting a lot of time?

Use ExecTweets to find executives on Twitter

ExecTweets is a Twitter application that allows you to easily find the top business executives on Twitter. ExecTweets gathers tweets from top business executives and pushes the tweets considered most relevant by the ExecTweets community to the top.

Here are some companies and the executives that are on Twitter:

ExecTweets also allows you to sort through executives by industry for an even easier search. If you work in Healthcare it would be a smart idea to connect with the executives in the Healthcare industry that are using Twitter — the same goes for any industry. By connecting you will know what the leaders of your industry are saying and have the opportunity to build some valuable relationships over time.

Go checkout ExecTweets and start connecting with the influencers with “juice” that can help you build a powerful personal brand and propel you towards your goals quicker!