Team Building Together

In a few years, a new generation, Gen Z, will take over the work force. Unlike any other generation, this generation was born with technology so they are true digital natives. They can do many things in seconds using their phones such as editing a document, buying a plane ticket, taking photos and videos and then, posting them on social media. Therefore, their relationship with technology is very deep. This generation’s entrepreneurial spirit also exceeds Millennials because they witnessed how tiny startups founded in college dorms became multibillion dollar companies. Therefore, they want to be innovators and found their own businesses early on. However, as an employer, you can also create the right environment for Gen Z at the workplace where they will feel innovative, digital and socially engaged with their coworkers. Below you can find tips for how.

  • Give Them Responsibility: Gen Z is more pragmatic and realistic compared to Millennials because they grew up facing major financial crises and saw how their parents suffered. Therefore, they are more responsible. For this reason, you can give them the responsibility of a task or a project, doesn’t matter big or small. If you also guide them throughout this task rather than giving them orders, they can learn from their mistakes and be more beneficial to your company in the long run.
  • Face to Face Communication is Important: Unlike the common belief that Gen Z is all about being virtual, they actually enjoy face to face communications. They like to be social and part of a group. It is not all about “Me me me” like Millennials but it is more about the community. Therefore, create open workspaces and innovative environments where employees can gather together and work toward completing a task. In this way, Gen Z can feel involved and part of a team.
  • Mentor Them: Gen Z is very new to the workforce and therefore, they need some advice and feedback. Keep them on track with frequent feedback. Don’t micromanage or mandate them what they should do. Instead, guide them through their roles in the company and give them the freedom they need to learn and grow on their own. Also, this generation is innovative by nature. Thus, giving them room to grow and letting them work on new ideas or projects that they think will benefit the company, can create new opportunities for your business.