How Verizon and Disney are Making Children’s Holiday Wishes Come True

Verizon and Disney

In our modern world, brands seek new ways to connect with their audience. Augmented Reality (AR) is now a key player in this space. Verizon and Disney have teamed up using AR to make kids’ holiday dreams come true. They’re combining Disney’s new film, “Wish,” with Verizon’s community focus. We’ll explore this AR experience and its holiday impact.

Disney’s “Wish”: A Heartwarming Tale

Disney’s “Wish” hits cinemas on November 22. It’s about the magic of stars and dreams. The film appeals to all, showing the joy of fulfilling wishes.

Verizon and Disney: A Meaningful Partnership

Verizon, a top telecom company, has joined Disney for the “Wish” film. Their aim? To use AR to bring “Wish” to life and positively impact communities.

The Wish on a StAR AR Experience

This AR experience lets people donate to Toys for Tots this holiday. By scanning a QR code, users see a starry sky map on their phones. Each star represents a Toys for Tots chapter.

How the AR Experience Works

Users tap stars to see each chapter’s wish list. They can then donate directly through a “Grant Wish” button.

Selfie Fun with Star

Users can take selfies with Star, the animated character from “Wish.” It’s a fun way to personalize the experience and share memories.

Verizon’s Holiday Giving

As part of their “Holiday Every Day” campaign, Verizon turns night skies into wishes. They also donate to Toys for Tots, spreading more joy.

Disney and Verizon: A Stellar Collaboration

Disney’s Lylle Breier highlights the perfect match of this collaboration. The AR experience reflects “Wish”‘s theme of magical stars.

Experience Availability

This AR experience is available from November 22 to December 1. It’s a chance to dive into AR magic, donate, and fulfill children’s wishes.

Conclusion: AR Brings Holiday Wishes to Life

Verizon and Disney’s AR project shows how tech and storytelling can make a difference. It’s not just entertaining—it helps children in need. This shows their dedication to community impact during the holidays.

So, this holiday season, let’s join in this AR magic. Together, we can make kids’ dreams come true, one wish at a time.

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Q1: What is the Verizon and Disney AR experience about?

A1: The AR experience, a collaboration between Verizon and Disney, is designed to support the holiday season. It combines Disney’s “Wish” film with an interactive AR experience that allows users to donate to Toys for Tots.

Q2: How can I access the AR experience?

A2: You can access the AR experience by scanning a QR code or following a link on your mobile device, which will display a starry sky map.

Q3: What is Disney’s “Wish” film?

A3: “Wish” is an animated Disney film releasing on November 22. It centers around the magic of stars and dreams, appealing to audiences of all ages.

Q4: How does the AR experience work?

A4: In the AR experience, users tap on stars that represent different Toys for Tots chapters to see their wish lists. Users can then make donations through a “Grant Wish” button.

Q5: Can I take selfies with characters from the film?

A5: Yes, users can take selfies with Star, an animated character from the “Wish” film, adding a personal and fun element to the experience.

Q6: What is Verizon’s role in this collaboration?

A6: Verizon is using this collaboration to extend its “Holiday Every Day” campaign, transforming night skies into wishes and making additional donations to Toys for Tots.

Q7: When is the AR experience available?

A7: The AR experience is available for a limited time, from November 22 to December 1.

Q8: What is the aim of this AR project?

A8: The aim is to use technology and storytelling to entertain and support children in need, demonstrating Verizon and Disney’s commitment to community impact.

Q9: Can I share my AR experience with others?

A9: Yes, you can share your experiences, including selfies with Star, with friends and family, spreading the joy and purpose of the campaign.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by JosĂ© Matute; Unsplash – Thank you!