Yeti’s “Mapping the Gaps” Campaign with Google Street View

Yeti Map the Gaps

Exploring the Uncharted

Yeti, renowned for its robust coolers and drinkware, has embarked on a unique journey to map the 2% of the world that remains uncovered by Google Street View. This venture, named “Mapping the Gaps,” involves sending 15 ambassadors to document trails in remote and scenic locations around the globe.

Ambassadors on a Mission

These ambassadors have traversed diverse landscapes, including British Columbia’s dense rainforests, the remote hillsides of Australia, and the arid deserts of Santa Fe. Their adventures, now part of Google Street View, aim to encourage more people to explore the outdoors.

Aligning with Product Launch

The campaign coincides with the debut of Yeti’s Hopper line of backpack coolers, featuring prominently in the ambassador content. It serves as a real-world product demonstration while tapping into Google Street View’s extensive reach.

Seamless Integration with Google Technology

The integration with Google’s technology for this campaign proved smoother than expected. A trial run included mapping an unmarked path in Austin, Texas, demonstrating the simplicity of adding content to Google Street View.

Empowering Ambassadors and Public Participation

Equipped with the necessary gear, including 360-degree cameras, the ambassadors documented their hikes in great detail. Yeti encourages the public to engage in this movement by adding their own trail discoveries to Google Street View, thus contributing to a growing database of outdoor adventures.

Comprehensive Promotion Strategy

To promote “Mapping the Gaps,” Yeti is utilizing a mix of print ads, in-store signage, digital media, and social media platforms, aiming to inspire a movement of documenting and sharing great trails.

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What is Yeti’s “Mapping the Gaps” Campaign?

“Mapping the Gaps” is a project by Yeti to document the 2% of the world not covered by Google Street View. It involves sending ambassadors to remote and scenic areas to map trails and encourage outdoor exploration.

Who are the ambassadors for this campaign?

The ambassadors are a group of 15 individuals selected by Yeti. They have diverse backgrounds and have explored various landscapes like rainforests in British Columbia, hillsides in Australia, and deserts in Santa Fe.

How does this campaign align with Yeti’s products?

The campaign coincides with the launch of Yeti’s Hopper backpack coolers. These coolers are featured in the content created by the ambassadors, serving as a real-world demonstration of their utility.

How did Yeti integrate with Google Street View?

Yeti successfully integrated with Google’s technology, initially mapping an unmarked trail in Austin, Texas, as a trial. This showcased the ease of adding new content to Google Street View.

Can the public participate in this campaign?

Yes, the public is encouraged to participate by documenting and adding their own trail discoveries to Google Street View, contributing to a comprehensive database of outdoor adventures.

What are Yeti’s promotion strategies for this campaign?

Yeti is promoting “Mapping the Gaps” through various channels, including print ads, in-store signage, digital media, and social media platforms.

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