Coworking Agreement

As a mode of communications, the internet in general, and social media, in particular, has allowed us to connect to others in many different ways. We can share all types of happenstances in our lives and this ability can affect our lives both our personal and professional lives. Social media, for some, has seemingly blurred the lines between what you do & say as a person  and how you position yourself in business. Thus, while I fight the urge to go left and refer to the music in the title of this post let us go ahead and discuss ways by which you can manage your reputation online.

SEO is easier than you think

Before you start attempting to debunk this talking point, let’s think about a couple of things:

  1. SEO is about making your quality content easier to find; and
  2. Being consistent and staying on topic are important in SEO.

Granted, this section can be considered as leaning towards your career. With that being said, what you do is part of who you are and, by extension, part of your personal brand. So, if you are showing your worth by participating in thought leadership activities, this is for you. According to a Harris Interactive poll, 85% of respondents google people to learn about them.

Your own content marketing activities are part and parcel of the point-by-point process of building your reputation online. These pieces of content must be consistent with things that are important to you as they are now searchable my subject and name. If you are using these pieces of content to further your career, keep in mind that, according to a Harris Interactive poll, 85% of respondents Google people to learn about them.

Being social

To be clear, we are all more than just what we do or our career. We have family and friends with whom we share time and do things. The people we know and the moments we share make us whole and fulfill our desires, however, there are moments that may not need to be shared with everyone. Being authentic and open does not mean we have to leave all of the windows and doors open in our proverbial houses. While there is nothing wrong with sharing your moments or thoughts with the world, there is nothing that says that you must share everything. Furthermore, understand that what you share is open for feedback and discussion. Yes, this falls under the umbrella of standing your ground, and because of this, you must have already decided that the point(s) you’ve made or story you’ve shared is important enough to outweigh the circumstances that could arise. Please note: this is not to say that you shouldn’t share personal details about your life that are important to you — this is only calling out that fact that the things that you share in social media are not done so inside of a vacuum. What you share is not exclusive from your reputation.

The key here is that we are all the sum of our parts. We can all continue to be full human beings with our own thoughts, goals, desires, and opinions. Just recognize and understand that what you share is available for review by any and everyone else online.