It happens to every entrepreneur.

Sometimes it happens several times a week or even a day.

You question – why do I do what I’m doing?  Should I do what I’m doing? Isn’t it easier to just work for someone else?

Business doesn’t have to be bad for these questions to arise.

I know I’ve questioned it a bunch lately with my crazy, busy schedule.

Step back if you feel this way and assess and affirm your goals.

It is not an easy task. There’s no entrepreneur that I know that has an abundance of time nor the ability to simply pull back from their business to examine what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

There will never be enough time or resources to do this so just do it.

When the need arises and you can feel that overwhelm or if burnout has raised its ugly head, then take the time.

It will be hard.

Even if you tell people you will be away and unavailable, they will reach out to you more. Even if you’ve put a team in place to juggle what you normally handle, they will encounter many things that need your expertise, experience or access to something you only have access to.

Get away anyway.

Reaffirming and assessing your goals is that important.

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