Publicis Worldwide: Exceptional growth and societal impact in 2020

Exceptional Growth 2020

Paris-based advertising titan, Publicis Worldwide, is known for its world-class service to globally recognized clients like Heineken, Nestlé, Renault, and L’Oréal.

The firm dominated the industry in 2020, making record revenue and securing its place as a global ad leader. Combining digital savvy with an unyielding commitment to creativity, Publicis Worldwide has continually demonstrated a significant influence on the trajectory of modern marketing.

Employing over 16,000 individuals from 110 different countries, the firm leverages its diverse workforce to create culturally sensitive advertisements that effectively reach their international roster of clientele.

Publicis Worldwide prides itself on its use of advanced technology, narrative storytelling, and critical data in its ad campaigns.

Publicis Worldwide: 2020 performance and societal contributions

Notable projects that reflect these tactics include Heineken’s ‘Pub Museums’, Orange’s ‘WoMen’s Football’ initiative, and Renault’s ‘Cars to Work’ program.

The company has earned considerable praise for its creative work over the past year, always striving to forge new paths in the dynamic field of advertising—and it has ambitious plans for the years ahead.

In addition to its creative successes, Publicis Worldwide continues to attract top industry talent. Its hiring of Nannette LaFond-Dufour, touted to be the impending Chief Impact Officer at the Publicis Groupe, underlines the company’s devotion to driving significant change within the industry.

Beyond its outstanding track record in industry awards, the agency has also committed itself to invaluable social work, helping tackle key societal issues head-on.

Publicis Worldwide actively supports various initiatives like the “Action Froid Ice Weather Challenge,” the “Corner Poster Campaign” for Depaul, and the “Domestic Violence” campaign for France5. With these efforts, it’s clear that Publicis Worldwide is not just about corporate success—the company is also determined to give back to society.