RGA EMEA launches digital-first brand design division

"Digital Brand Division"

Global marketing and digital consultancy firm, RGA EMEA, has pioneered a brand design consultancy division centered on digital-first customer experiences. Initially rolled out in the U.S. and Australia, the service is now debuting in the UK and Germany. The division’s modus operandi is to aid businesses in reengineering their brand identities attuned to the changing digital terrain, leveraging RGA EMEA’s wide-ranging expertise.

The consultancy is not a separate entity but is integrated within the larger RGA EMEA framework. Its leadership team includes RGA’s EMEA Chief Executive, Rebecca Bezzina, and Vice-President Executive Creative Director, Robert Northam, serving as brand design leader. This fusion creates a more inclusive approach to RGA EMEA’s offerings. Bezzina’s business astuteness steers the service while Northam’s creativity shapes the brand identity and visual strategy. The complementary skills from these leaders enable compelling and customer-focused results.

A dedicated team of brand designers is tasked with morphing brands into experiences. They aspire to craft next-gen, digital-first brands boosted by generative AI.

Digital-first brand design: RGA EMEA’s innovation

The aim is to use each touchpoint as an opportunity for engaging and intuitive brand experience. Through leveraging cutting-edge tech and compelling design, their goal is to create brands resonating with the target audience and future trends.

Speaking about the new division, Rebecca Bezzina underscored the need of modern brands for a balanced focus on utility and aesthetics. She envisions a brand as an interface connecting the customer and business. She stressed the importance of striking a balance for brand success in the digital age.

RGA EMEA is more than a brand design and consultancy outfit. It also champions well-rounded services in product and service offerings. The importance for brands to be primed for digital interaction is highlighted by Robert Northam. His focus is assisting partners develop adaptable brand foundations in an ever-evolving landscape. This strategy allows their clients to maintain their brand aesthetic while also equipping them with the necessary tools for digital interaction. The goal is to create flexible brand identities capable of evolving with the rapidly changing tech world, marking RGA EMEA as a unique player in their field.