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    Get Coaching But Don’t Tell People

    Coworking Cooperation Get leadership coaching but don’t admit you got it. The best in every field of endeavor gets coaching — that being objective, professional advice and direction. Trust me, whatever field you’re in, your competition is getting outside input right now. To compete you should too but just don’t tell anyone. Not that it’s a sign…
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    Basic Life Advice That Matters

    My grandniece is four and she and I were talking about her future. (Just kidding. I was thinking about her future in her presence.) In case I’m not around to give her advice when she might be willing to listen I decided to write it down now.

    With over thirty years as an executive coach …

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    Building Your Personal Brand Through Volunteerism

    Whether you’re in between jobs, in school, or working full time, volunteering is a great way to build your personal brand. Sharing your time with non-profit organizations can help you build your network and develop your skills while doing some good for your community.

    Volunteering shows you’re team oriented.  When you give your time to …

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    Mind Your Manners: 6 Tips for Writing Thank You Notes

    If your parents are anything like mine, you’ve learned to say “thank you” when people give you things. Whether it be a gift, a ride, or a compliment most of us would offer a hearty “thanks” in return for someone else’s generosity. The interview process is no different. As someone who interviews for a living, …

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