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    Can an SNL Skit Make You Reexamine Your Life?

    Have you ever gone to your high school reunion, or seen an old friend on Facebook, and wanted to ask, “what happened to you?!”

    A Saturday Night Live skit last week had me thinking about this. The premise was a game show called “What Have You Become?” Three contestants, who had all been told they’d …

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    Who Is Your Professional Catalyst?

    Each of us have a few people in our lives who got us started down the paths we’ve followed. It could have been an English teacher who encouraged you to write that started you down the path to being a writer, or a supervisor at work who put you on a project that led to …

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    Branding Yourself With Google Panda

    The Google Panda updates has changed a lot of what companies are doing to ensure they’re being found on Google for their particular field and keywords. But how can you take advantage of this for personal branding?

    Take advantage of Google Panda

    1. Define your keywords

    The first thing to do is to define what …

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