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    Why Should You Consider a Healthcare Career Change

    From pharmacy tech to medical billing and coding support, there are a variety of options for anyone considering a healthcare career change.

    After doing some research, many job seekers quickly realize that there’s a diversity of career paths within the healthcare industry. From pharmacy technician jobs to medical billing and coding support, there are a variety of options available for pursuing a career change to healthcare.

    Below, we explore the different advantages of working in the healthcare …

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    The 5 Essential Developer Career Skills You’ll Need

    Technological progress creates a high demand for developer career skills. Here are the five proficiencies you must have to enter the fray.

    Developer career skills — such as the ability to write software from scratch — are becoming a popular career choice. This is especially true among two groups; students just about to begin their careers and seasoned professionals seeking an upward career trajectory. The main reason for this increased popularity, of course, is the rising trend …

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    3 Ways Being a Bookworm Translates to Career Success


    Reading may have traditionally been seen as one of life’s great pleasures, but in the age of smartphones, game consoles and Netflix, amusing oneself with blocks of unmoving text has become increasingly unappealing. Amongst American adults, 1 in 4 read no books at all.

    But books are important. They fire our imagination and immerse us …

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    Five Ways Volunteering Can Help Your Career

    Volunteering for a good cause changes lives and doesn’t just benefit the people you’re helping. Beyond the obvious benefits of helping out in the community and making a difference, volunteering can both further your career and improve your life. Everybody wins.

    Here’s how volunteering can help boost your career and your personal branding in ways …

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    Baby Boomer Career Development Plans

    When was the last time you had a career development plan? Most of us who joined the workforce, during the 60s, 70s or 80s remember sitting down with our managers once a year to work on a career development plan. That was when you started your career with one company and planned to stay there …

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    Is Personal Branding Your Second Job?

    Do you have a second job?

    Today, many consider a second job to be an economic necessity.

    A second job can help you afford an occasional splurge on a fancy restaurant, as well as help you save money for further education, a down payment on a home, or an investment in setting up your own …

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    The Unique and Necessary Combination of Will and Skill

    Last week while watching the hard fought battle between the World’s top two ranked men’s tennis players, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, in the finals of the US Open Tennis Championships, broadcaster Mary Carillo made mention of two characteristics on display during the match.

    Will and Skill!

    The comment brought me back to my baseball …

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    Do’s and Don’ts of Resumes

    Your resume is the key when you apply for a job. If it doesn’t stand out from the rest of the candidates, your chance of getting invited for an interview is very low. This week, I am going to discuss with you what you should list and what you should not list in your resume …

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    Apply an 18th Century Strategy to Your Career & Life

    Two-hundred thirty-eight years ago a group of determined men with a vision to create an unprecedented future risked their lives, their fortunes and sacred honor on an untested military commander by the name of George Washington.

    Washington was selected to command the Continental Army for two primary reasons.

    One, because he was basically the only …

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    Workplace Etiquette Rules You Should Have Learned in Kindergarten

    Workplace etiquette is about more than just being nice to people, or remembering special events, or greeting people with a kind word. Sometimes, it’s something as basic as “don’t be an a-hole,” and yet we still have to remind people of that.

    Bonnie Low-Kramen’s post last week on workplace etiquette and the idea of sometimes …

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