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    Does Memorizing Answers Help You Nail the Job Interview?

    Research demonstrates that when people review a list of potential responses before an interview, they are far less likely to get tongue-tied.

    Does it help to memorize answers for job interviews? To this day, there’s a lot of debate about this among experts.

    Some say it’s best to be spontaneous and let your natural personality shine through. Others believe that knowing the right thing to say for any possible question makes you appear more confident.

    It turns …

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    Why Listening Is the Skill Employees Want the Most

    If there’s one quality managers should have in spades, it’s the ability to communicate effectively. A boss who can’t convey his vision to his employees can’t lead them. Because so many other administrative functions — problem-solving, delegation, teamwork, motivation, accountability — depend on engaging with workers, communications have become a prized asset in the top …

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    What Employers Look For In New Graduates

    New Graduates

    September is usually a busy month for graduates or college seniors who are about to graduate. Many schools invite employers and recruiters during September in order to help their students get hired. However, finding that very first job is not always easy because there are many other students competing for the same positions in the …

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    Phrases to Avoid at Work

    The choice of words is very important when you are expressing yourself. Especially at work, you need a maintain a positive and can-do attitude. Therefore, you need to be careful when you are conveying your message to your coworkers. Below you can find the phrases to avoid at work in order to prevent the negativity …

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    You’re Fired! What Now?


    I hate to sound like Donald Trump, but what happens if you get fired? or laid off? or downsized? Whatever term you use doesn’t matter. The thing is that come Monday, you have nowhere to go and you feel angry, guilty, puzzled, confused, and a hundred other feelings. You’re panicking because suddenly, it’s not business …

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    Make Your Personal Brand Shine With Strong Communication Skills

    Having strong communication skills is crucial. One needs to know when it’s important to listen and when its necessary to respond. There are many subtleties in communication that can influence others; the best communicators strengthen their personal brand using speech and silence to influence others’ opinion of them. They intuitively know “when silence is golden” …

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    When Silence is Golden in Building Your Personal Brand

     “The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.”― Mark Twain

    Many times it’s difficult not to respond to someone, especially when we feel we’ve been attacked or provoked. Our natural impulse is to react defensively and all too often our impulsive response makes things much …

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    Get Hired: Make Yourself Shine In Your Interview

    Make yourself shine 

    Everyone wants to stand out in the crowd to get hired, but few people know what hiring managers are looking for and what it takes to shine in an interview. Hiring managers are looking for certain personality traits. If you have them great, if not you can learn them.

    A recent Harvard …

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    Reinvent Your Brand the Steve Jobs Way

    Five principles that can help you jump-start your career, revitalize your brand, and win new business.

    The global recession and mass layoffs have forced many people to reconsider their careers and life choices. In too many cases, their jobs simply don’t exist anymore. In these turbulent times, where does one turn for personal branding advice? …

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