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    School Success versus Work Success

    What did you learn at school that helped you succeed in your career? We tend to be skeptical and see school merely as a place to get a degree that would open the door for our career to begin. And then we see this big scary gap between learning and experience. I would argue that …

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    You Gotta Love… But You Gotta Hate

    Have you noticed that there are a lot of “positive-thinking” people out there who can’t acknowledge negative thoughts, concepts, or situations? Wouldn’t we have to call these people naïve, at best ?  Energy to create anything requires both positive and negative – just ask a battery.

    If it weren’t so “not funny,” I’d almost find …

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    Are You a Victim of Yourself

    Are you getting in your own way?  Are you sabotaging your own success?  Are you knocking on your own door of achievement but refusing to open the door to let yourself in?

    Meet Eric, Karen, Bill, and Deanna

    “I’m not one of those people.” Eric tells me. “I’m way beyond that.  I’ve got my own …

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    Help… I’m in the Dark!

    Who was the idiot who coined the expression, “Get it right the first time?” How many of us ever get it right the first time?  One of the “laws of achievement” is that we’re not supposed to get it right the first time.  When we work hard at something and fail (get the wrong results), …

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    Watch Your Language!

    Words are powerful, and whether you utter them aloud or to yourself, they create emotion.  They determine how you and others feel.  I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you?” Don’t believe this for a second.  There are more people lying on a …

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    7 Habits of the Successfully Published, Part 7: Inspiration

    Successfully published nonfiction authors do more than share information; they inspire their readers to take action.

    Their writing has a contagious enthusiasm and momentum that builds the reader’s confidence and compels them to take immediate action.

    Telephone books and dictionaries are full of information, but they hardly inspire!

    Books that only provide information often die …

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